Test Your Driving Skills with Driven To Distraction

You think you’re an ace driver? We all do, but you may be surprised how slow your reaction skills really are! There’s a new game called ‘Driven to Distraction’ that has been put out there by Kwik Fit, the tyre fitting and car servicing chain, and it’s not only fun but also helpful. We might also say it’s a bit scary when you realise how you need to brush up on your concentration!

How does it work? Driven to Distraction is ideally played on your smartphone. It’s a very simple and basic game, but it’s also deceptively difficult to get it right! You take the role of a driver in a car, heading in a straight line, and the idea is this: as soon as you see the ‘Stop’ sign appear at the top of the image, you tap the screen to stop. The game then records the time it took you to respond. 

Now, if you think it’s easy and you’ll get it right every time, you’re wrong! We were surprised how long our reaction times were when we had a go, and transferring that time to being on the road for real is quite worrying! Once you complete a stage – and click stop – the game will present you with a driving-related question.

Those we saw varied from questions about stopping times in the wet to where to find certain coloured studs on motorways, and again, they are not as easy as you might think. This is a useful little game for anyone learning to drive, and also for experienced drivers who might have become complacent over time.

Why not check out Driven to Distraction now and see how you fare. It will hopefully make you concentrate just the bit harder next time you head out on the road!