Test Drive The Future

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If you’re always interested in staying up to date with the latest trends and keeping ahead of the curve, you might be thinking about buying a new car this year. It’s not a bad idea because in 2017 there are a number of tech innovations on the market that are bringing the industry towards the future. From self-driving cars to hands free signalling, we’ve got the tech features you need to look out for in your next vehicle right here.

Everyone Is Watching

A basic piece of tech but one that is nevertheless very useful would be car cameras. These days, you’ll see a lot of cars driving around with cameras attached to the front and rear of the vehicle. More than anything else, this is for legal protection. It’s so that if someone claims a car crashed into them, a driver has some evidence it was their fault. It can also make parking in a busy supermarket a lot easier. You’ll often find car accident lawyers use these recordings as evidence in car injury lawsuits. It’s not just big brother watching anymore, everyone is.

Read This

Some cars like the latest BMWs are now able to read and understand your hand gestures. No, not those types of gestures. We’re talking about how scrolling your finger to one side through the air could cause the car to indicate. Or, how flipping the car the bird might mean the horn will beep. That last one is a little joke, but you get the idea. The car responds to your movements, and you might ask, why? Good question, it’s all about the car taking more control and you having a relaxing time on the road. You will have to learn the gestures before you can use them but once you do, you might find driving is a lot more fun.

Park The Car?

There’s an app for that! Well, not so much an app as a button you can click on the vehicle that will then cause the car to park up for you. It does this using little micro cameras on the outside of the vehicle. Using this tech, your car can figure out where it is and where it needs to be without crashing into anything. If you think that’s cool, you won’t believe what else these cameras can be used for.

Drive The Car

With the same type of tech and a high processing CPU, the car can actually drive for you. If it has all the information, there’s nothing stopping it cruising along without any input from you at all. To say cars can be completely autonomous on the roads these days would be a lie. But they are certainly heading in that direction, and we’re not that far away from the first fully driverless car. In fact, they’re currently being developed for taxis in Dubai.

Are you ready for the future? You might be surprised to discover that it’s already on the roads, waiting for you to take a test drive.


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