Ten Ways to Make Your Driving Experience More Enjoyable

If you ever have to drive on a regular basis or commute by car then you’ll probably be spending quite a bit of time inside your vehicle. If that’s the case, why not add a bit of personalization to your vehicle and make it more enjoyable to drive? Here are ten ways to improve your driving experience and make it a little more awesome.

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Car hammock for pets

Ever have to transport a pet that doesn’t want to stay still? Get yourself a car hammock for your hyperactive pets and you’ll never need to worry about them again

Shoe organizer

Sounds ridiculous, but a hanging shoe organizer can actually help a lot with organizing things. Hang them onto the back of your front seats and you’ll suddenly have plenty of extra storage space to use for holding things like water, snacks, tools and documents.

Buy a good air freshener

If you use your vehicle as a family car on a regular basis then you’ll want to have at least some kind of air freshener to keep nasty smells away and keep your car smelling nice.

Custom artwork

You can get plenty of vehicle decals for a relatively low price, giving you a fantastic and affordable way to add a bit of flair to your vehicle’s exterior. Too much can be a little tacky, but there are plenty of unique designs on offer.

A portable vacuum

Keep a small and inexpensive portable vacuum in the trunk of your car so that if you ever spill something (or your passengers do) you can quickly clean it up so that it doesn’t affect your upholstery.

Private plates

Want to show off your love for your interests or tell everyone your name? Consider getting a cherished number plate to add a unique bit of customization to your vehicle. They might be expensive, but it will truly make your car your own. You might not be able to get the name perfect, but there’s a huge market for private plates so you’re sure to find something you like.

Hands-free phone system

If you have a relatively modern vehicle then a Bluetooth or cable-based hands-free smartphone system will likely already be installed. If not, consider getting one to make taking and making calls a breeze in the car.

DC inverter

Convert the power in your car to a typical mains plug to charge your devices. Since it’s a regular plug, you can use it to charge larger devices like laptops.

Soft seatbelt cover

If your seatbelt irritates you then it could actually be a skin condition. You’ll want to get a seatbelt cover to ensure that you do not run into any kind of issues in the future that makes it uncomfortable to wear a seatbelt.

A trash can

Having some kind of trash can, even if it’s a small bag, is a great way to clean up any mess that you might make in the car and also gives your passengers a place to put their rubbish.