Take Your Time When Choosing Car Insurance

We all dread the yearly car insurance reminder. No matter how clean your record is, it always seems to be higher every year! Yet car insurance is one of the things we need to ensure is up to date. Whether you are an individual or a fleet manager it’s vital.

Yet there are many things to consider when it comes to finding the best car insurance deal. If you do handle many vehicles then you might want to talk to a transaction lawyer who will give you help and advice on the best deal.

Let’s assume an individual needs to tax their car. Where do you start?

The First Steps

The very first step is to contact your current insurance provider. They will more than likely send you a reminder near the time it is due, and this will show you the cost of the new policy.

This is important advice: never simply let an insurance provider auto-renew your policy. While it may be the best package, there are more than likely to be better ones out there. Insurance is competitive market, and it’s in your interests to shop around.

There are many insurance comparison websites that ask your for your details and then source a variety of quotes. We recommend using the better-known ones in the first instance, as these will highlight just how varied a car insurance policy cost can be.

Our second important point is this: unless you are entirely happy with what is included, don’t simply choose the cheapest option. It’s tempting to do so, but there may be details missing from the policy.

What should you look for in a car insurance policy? That depends on the individual so let’s look at the important factors you need to consider.

Checking the Details

There are many factors that can influence the cost of your car insurance. Here are some of those that can affect it more than others:

  • Your age and driving experience.
  • Your past insurance claims.
  • The type of car you drive.
  • The annual mileage you cover.
  • The value of your car.

Those are just a few of the factors, and it follows that insuring ahigh-end sports car will cost more than a pre-owned basic sedan.

Then there are the clauses you want included in your policy. If you want a courtesy car, for example, that will add to the cost. Windscreen cover is another additional cost not always includes as standard. The same applies to cover for your in-car entertainment and theft of belongings from the vehicle.

Talk to an Insurance Broker

From the above we can see that buying an insurance policy can be a complex affair. This is why we recommend that you talk to a local insurance broker. They will take all your details and be able to recommend a package that provides you with the right cover at the best price.

Start looking now, and see what’s on the market for your insurance needs.