Take a Look at the World’s Weirdest Cabs

If you’ve ever found yourself stranded in a foreign country trying to hail down a cab, only to wish you’d decided to walk instead, then this infographic from The Taxi Centre will be all too familiar.

Taking a look at 15 locations around the world, the infographic looks at taxis ranging from the iconic to the downright absurd. Whilst New York’s ubiquitous yellow models and London’s Hackney cabs can be a sight for sore eyes when trying to get home from a night out, it’s hard to say the same for Nigeria’s Bush taxi.

Plus, if you find yourself getting frequently annoyed at Uber’s surge prices, then maybe don’t take a trip to Dubai or the Maldives anytime soon, where you could be faced with an extortionate ride in supercar or seaplane when trying to get from A to B.

Take a look at the infographic below, and head over to The Taxi Centre to read more about the world’s often weird ways of getting around.