Tackling Car Crashes In Zero To Sixty


Car accidents happen. Even when you’re a good driver, and you’re trying to be as safe as possible, collisions aren’t always that easy to avoid. When the weather is bad, or another driver is at fault, you can get wrapped up in an accident, and your car can take the hit. With increasingly shocking road crash statistics, over a million people die in accidents, with up to 50 million people being injured. If you find yourself in a crash anytime soon, you may not know what to do – whether it was your fault or not. So, take a look through these tips on how to handle your accident as quickly as you can.

Make Sure Everyone Is Okay

When you are in a road accident, the first thing that you need to do is make sure everyone is okay – if you can. If you are injured, then you won’t be able to do this. But if you’re fine and the crash wasn’t major, check that your passengers are okay, as well as anyone else that was involved in the accident. You may also want to apologize to people involved, especially if it was your fault. Including any pedestrians or anyone who owns property that you may have damaged.


Speak To The Authorities

Next, you’re going to need to speak to the authorities. You’re going to need to get police on the scene straight away to assess the situation, and you’re likely to need an ambulance too to check everyone over. If there are fatalities or suspected serious injury, timing of this step is crucial. So act fast. You may also need to take tests to see whether you were under the influence, and the authorities will want to assess the speed that you were traveling at too.

Speak To Your Insurer

When you’ve settled everything with the police and paramedics and been to the police station or hospital if required, you then need to speak to your car insurance company. It’s important that you inform them of the collision. You may need to make a claim if your car needs work, or if other cars were involved they may also need to liaise with your insurer to evaluate the cost of damage to their vehicle too.


Check With Your Lawyer

The next professional that you need to speak to is your lawyer. Depending on the accident itself and the outcomes, you may need them for a range of different reasons. If you got a DUI, you would need legal representation, but there could also be other legal matters to take care of. Careless driving, speeding, or damaging property may also mean that you have to seek legal assistance.

Get Your Car Taken Care Of

Finally, the last step will be to take care of your car. Again, depending on the circumstances, it may even be impounded, and you’ll have to sort its release. But once you’ve taken care of the important things, you will still need to assess any damage on your car and ensure work gets done for it to get back on the road.