Summer On The Road

Us car lovers often miss out during vacation season. You can, of course, rent vehicles abroad. But, the added expense and the risks of unfamiliar driving rules are enough to put many of us off. Instead, we see out our summer without feeling the rev of an engine under our feet. It’s a sad state of affairs. After all, shouldn’t vacation be all about immersing yourself in what you love?

Yes, it should. And, to ensure you get plenty of revving time during the summer break, we’re going to look at a few vacation ideas which will see you driving off into the sunset. We’ve kept these close to home so that a holiday abroad isn’t off the cards. After all, what’s to stop you doing both? That way, you get your speed fix, and everyone else gets to enjoy the sun. It’s all about compromise!

Motorcycle Tours

For the motorcyclists among you, it doesn’t get better than a motorcycle tour. This is a sure way to immerse yourself in the driving experience. Imagine; the wind’s in your hair, and there’s the ever comforting hum of your motor underneath you. It’s what dreams are made of.

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If you want an easy life, with enjoyment and no stress, opt for something like these premium motorcycle tours. When traveling with a company like this, you won’t have to worry about route or board. It’s all taken care of .

Or, you might want to plan a tour for yourself. Perhaps you like the idea of going it solo. This is a fantastic way to unwind and enjoy your company. You could even plan a tour for you and a few friends. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll need to consider where you’re going, how long it’ll take, and where you’ll stay along the way.


Or, perhaps you want to admire the beauty of your home country with a little off-roading. Vacation is, after all, about seeing new sights. And, there are plenty of amazing off-road trails around the USA. You could head for The Alpine Loop Trail in Colorado. This 63-mile trail through stunning scenery and ghost towns is sure to go down well. Or, you could take this opportunity to see the breathtaking Grand Canyon. Off-roading to the bottom isn’t something you’ll forget in a hurry. Bear in mind that you’ll need to assure your vehicle is suitable for such pursuits. You don’t want to find yourself stranded in one of these locations!

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How about a race around the track to get your vacation going? You could visit iconic race courses like the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, and sign up for one of their AAA approved on-track programs. If you prefer to watch, you could head to New York’s Watkins Glen international, and watch some of the many races they have over the summer season. Vacation is all about relaxing after all. Keeping your feet on the ground is sure to be better for that!