Subaru Impreza 5-Door Review

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The Subaru Impreza was traditionally famous for its impressive speed and sound. It has always been seen as the slightly ‘flashy’ Subaru. However Subaru has been evolving the hugely popular model for the past few years and with the launch of the new 5-door model, we thought it high time that we looked into what this new, more family orientated model offers.

The new hatchback version of the Impreza offers a wider and more spacious car, it has improved on its singular taillight clusters by splitting the tail lights and adding four inches of width to the narrowest part of the fifth aperture. This all makes for easy access into the back of the car.

The Subaru offers an additional three cubic feet of cargo space in the boot of the car which means it is a really great family model in terms of having enough boot space to fit in all family essentials.

Safety wise the Impreza 5-door has come out with improved crash performance and a more solid structure for improved dynamics, and has a revised version of the FB20, 2.0 liter flat four, which offers 152 horsepower. A five speed stick is available in all different specifications, except for the loaded limited, which is only available in CVT.

Manual models won’t be available in the first few months and so the five speed stick will be a standard. Initially the Impreza 5-door was originally going to be positioned as a small SUV, however Subaru decided to drop the two-tone paint jobs and large fog lights and then took it a step further by introducing the ‘Crosstrek’ to finalise the quasi-crossover role.

The Impreza 5-door assumes the role of sleek, urban hatchback and it shows real sophistication in its drivability and handling and it provides a truly comfortable driving experience for its passengers with its extensive space and improved trim and features.

It has been designed with a 0.2-inch lower centre of gravity, than the model before which makes it a much smoother and more manageable ride. It has excellent sound insulation due to its thicker glass, as well as its redesigned HVAC system, with its larger ductwork and reduced fan noise, all make for a much more peaceful drive. It may not be the quietest drive in its category, but it’s not far off. Go to Paul Moak Subaru for more information on the different models available.

The interior of the Subaru Impreza 5-Door won’t be winning any design awards any time soon, however they have gone a good way in making sure it is practical and functional. It does have modern features with its three multicolour screens, where users can download the latest apps and use them within the car. Also there is an optional satellite navigation based on the TomTom software, and there is also Harman stereo available. These features all work together to offer the buyer a really interesting and interactive dashboard experience that accentuates the experience of driving this model.