Stuck for Space in the Car? Use the Roof!

Modern family cars have a good amount of luggage space, but sometimes even that is not enough! You might have a family to take on holiday, for example, and while they all fit nice and comfortably in your Ford Focus, the luggage you need to take with you is just that but too much. What’s the answer? There Are two solutions: one is that you cut down on what you’re taking with you and miss out on some essentials, and the other is that you use the roof of your car to carry some luggage.

After all, there’s a big area of space up there doing nothing, so what’s stopping you using it? Of course, you can’t just stack stuff on the roof and strap it down; you need the right equipment, such as these clever and specially designed roof bars for a Ford Focus. Suitable for most models of Focus and attachable via holes that are already in the car for this use, these quality roof bars can be fitted in 15 minutes and take up to a 50kg load safely. They are a great price, too, so you can get extra space on your Focus without great expense.

Add a Cargo Bag

So, now you have your roof bars, you’re ready to use that extra space for carrying luggage. It’s a great way of taking extra gear with you, but what if it rains? You need a roof bag for car roof bars, a cargo bag that is durable, weatherproof and cheap to buy. Simple to fit to the bars – and with all fixings included – this surprisingly affordable cargo bag holds up to a 320litre capacity and is perfect for that holiday luggage.

With your roof bars and bag on your Ford Focus you’re ready to take a trip to wherever you want to go, with all the family in the car and everything you need for an enjoyable break. Convenient, cheap and simple for anyone with a basic knowledge of DIY – the instructions are clear and simple – the roof bars and bag combination could be the answer you are looking for, the perfect way to solve your luggage capacity problem.

Some Important Facts

Not all of us can afford to buy a bigger car as the family grows, so roof bars are a great way of solving that problem. There are a few things you need to consider when driving with a load on the roof. The first is that, thanks to the extra bulk up there, there will be an effect on the performance of your car. You might notice it being a touch sluggish or the handling may feel odd, so it pays to be careful. Also, your fuel economy may suffer slightly, but that’s a small price to pay for the extra luggage space.

Roof bars and bags are available for a wide range of cars so check them out now and see how much extra luggage space you can create on your car.