Steps You Need To Take After An Accident

Driving is a past time for some and a necessity for most, but it’s one of those things that comes with a big risk. You can control your actions and behaviour on the road but you cannot control the behaviour of others. Therein lies the risk!

There are millions of car accidents a year in the USA and most of these accidents only result in damage to the car, which is fortunate. However, two out of ten accidents end in a fatality. Road rules are created for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that things won’t go wrong. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, there are certain steps you need to follow afterward to protect yourself and stay within the law. The following is what you should be doing should you have an accident:

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  1. Never leave the scene. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the side of your car dented the tiniest bit, you need to stay at the scene to sort it out. Even a small prang can cause mental anguish for a passenger and staying on the scene means you can ensure that everyone is okay.
  2. If you have flares or cones in your car, set them up to protect the scene. This not only prevents further accidents by warning other cars of your position, but it keeps the scene for the police for when they arrive on the scene.
  3. Regardless of whether you have serious injuries, you should call the police. You could have the most comprehensive car insurance but any claims won’t matter without a police report to back you up. Having a solid police report can help your claim even if it’s just for vehicular damage.
  4. Be precise when it comes to giving your report to the police. Don’t embellish, don’t make mistakes. It can be shaky after an accident as shock is a very real thing, and your injuries or pain may only become apparent hours later. Make sure the statements made by the other passengers in the vehicles are also accurate.
  5. Where you can, snap a photo or two of the accident as well as the licence plates of the cars. Keeping photographic evidence can really help to back up your statement or claim. Never interfere with ongoing investigations but this way you have your own proof of what happened.
  6. Just before you report the accident to your insurers, exchange information with the driver of the other car. You can get some great support through the insurers, especially if you are suffering later on.
  7. If you have an attorney, consult with them after an accident. Your rights are important and they can ensure that your accident isn’t left forgotten about. They can provide you with the correct advice on medical treatment available to you and help you can get following an accident.

No one wants to get into an accident – it’s a fear for a lot of people – but it does happen. What you have to be is prepared for the worst. Being prepared can make all the difference to you if it happens.