Sports Car Shopping in the USA

A sports car is the ultimate aim of many drivers. Something with a bit of punch under the bonnet, just two seats and handling that keeps you on your toes! For many Americans, the sports car dream involves a Camaro or a Mustang – big, powerful US muscle cars that have undergone a renaissance in recent years – but we reckon there are better choices out there. After all, a true sports car should be smaller, lithe, agile and a lot of fun – so what would we recommend?

What we are about to suggest may not sit well with some of the die-hard purists, but we reckon Nissan offers some of the most exciting sports cars on sale anywhere right now. Are we serious? We certainly are, so let’s start by looking at the Nissan 370Z.

The Nissan 370Z

Ok, so why the 370Z? Because, quite simply, it’s what sports cars are meant to be about! It’s powerful – with a 3.7-litre V6 engine up front – and is engineered to handle in a taught and precise fashion, just as you’d expect from a car like this. Plus, you get electronic stability control for even better handling, and you can have it in automatic or manual specs, too.

If you’re in the market for a soft-top, the Nissan 370Z comes in drophead form, too. There’s nothing like the feeling of wind in the hair motoring, after all! Superbly built, and coming with the legendary Nissan reliability, the 370Z is also sensibly-priced in the market, and represents a true sporting vehicle with just the right amount of power for all the fun you need.

The Nissan GT-R

Taking things up a level and we come to the Nissan GT-R. A magnificent example of superb engineering, complete with all the driver aids you need – or don’t, should you want to turn them off and sample the ‘Track Edition’ – the GT-R is a beast that you can tame, and one offering performance far in excess of sports cars costing much more.

What’s more, you can visit your local car dealer in Auburn and take a closer look at both of these superb cars – in both 2019 and 2018 specifications – and they will be more than happy to help answer any questions you have, and arrange for you to get close to the cars and take a test drive.

Dynamic Performance

Japanese sports cars have taken on a new level of respect in recent decades, and these two quite stunning Nissans really do represent some of the best in their class on the roads today. Unlike sports cars of old, you also get the added bonus of reliability, which comes as a given with Nissan vehicles today.

Talk to Lynch Nissan of Auburn about the Nissan 370Z and GT-R, and ask if they can let you try one. You never know, this could be the unexpectedly thrilling, exciting and invigorating sports car you’ve been looking for, and it’s right here close to you!