Speed Demon? How To Create The Ultimate Track Car

If you love your car more than those closest to you in your life, the chances are high that you’re a speed demon! There’s nothing wrong with being a car enthusiast, of course. But, it’s probably not a good idea to break the speed limit in your car on a public road. If you need some mechanical release, have you considered the prospect of creating a track car?

As the name suggests, it’s a vehicle that you’d only use for driving at racing circuits and similar venues. You might feel that it could take a lot of time and money to build a track-ready car, but it’s easier and cheaper than you think!

Keep reading to find out how you can start building the ultimate track day car:

Image Obtained From Pixabay

Buy a good base car

The first step is to start with a vehicle that has a rot-free chassis and a powerful stock engine. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend lots of cash just making the car at a good enough standard before you begin modifying it!

Unless you’ve got an unlimited bank balance, it makes sense to buy a used sports car. It doesn’t even matter if the vehicle is twenty years old; it just needs to be in good condition.

Pimp the exterior

When you’re driving around a racing circuit, you want people to notice your winning pride and joy! While some people opt for the anonymous look, most prefer to make their racing cars look awesome!

Start by getting the exterior resprayed. If the original color isn’t nice, consider a change to a more vibrant tone! Afterward, invest in some Colour Source car wraps. Don’t forget that you can advertise stuff on your car, such as your website if you have one. And you can also get some crucial sponsorship deals to provide funding for your track car!

Next, upgrade the wheels, suspension, and brakes to racing-spec ones. When it comes to choosing alloys, be sure to select lightweight aluminum ones.

After all; you don’t want a car with heavy wheels on it to slow you down! Your suspension should be adjustable and stiff, and the brakes should boast four or six-piston calipers up front.


Image Obtained From Flickr

Make your interior go on a diet

All you need is one, possibly two bucket seats at the front of your car’s interior. The rear seats can be removed, along with other interior trim. Next, install a safety cage for added peace of mind. Consider installing carbon fiber trim panels on the interior doors and dashboard for that ultra racing style!

You can also get rid of your door glass for fixed plastic ones instead. They are both lightweight and safer than glass.

Tune the engine for extra power

Last, but not least, you should ensure your stock engine can offer the most power without blowing up under load! Typical engine modifications you can do include:

Good luck with building your track car!


Image Obtained From Wikimedia Commons