Some of the Different Tapes Used in the Automotive Industry

In various sectors and industries, tape is what holds things together. We don’t just mean things like securing packages down or repairing small tears in materials to prolong the life of something. In the following post we are going to look at the automotive sector as an excellent example of just how important adhesive tapes, in their various forms, are in the world. If it sounds alarming to think that your car makes include components that are held together using tape, don’t be.

The only reason you find that thought troubling is because you are imagining something like the clear and useful, but not particularly tough and durable cello tape holding together important car parts. That’s not really what we are talking about here. To help you understand better the important role different tapes play in cars and the automotive industry, we are going to discuss some the types of tape sold by and how it’s used in cars.

Double-Sided Tapes for Car Interiors

For example, as we’ve noted, tapes are often used to hold parts together. While you’d normally think of using it for furniture and other fixings like that, perhaps around the hold, you may not have realised how its used inside cars. Double-sided tapes like the VK1225 line is an acrylic-based adhesive that has a high shear and is designed to be used in corrugated splicing.

Automotive Masking Tapes

You probably think about masking tape in relation to painting and decorating to help finish clean lines when painting walls around your house. However, in the automotive industry, it is almost as important to achieve clean lines when painting and finishing cars and other vehicles. That is where specially formulated masking tapes are necessary. Available in a variety of different sizes, a Premier 80 low-bake masking tape can be used for painting cars. It’s called low-bake because it can withstand temperatures as high as 80-degrees for 50 minutes or 90-degrees for 30-minutes.

Exterior Mounting Tapes

In the production of cars and other vehicles manufactured by the automotive industry, there are various claddings and moulding, on the side of even roof that needs to be added to the body. In order to secure these adequately, various forms of strong and durable acrylic double-sided tape are used, like the 3M PT1100 VHB acrylic plus tape. This tape has been specially designed for high conformability and offers cold temperature impact resistance.

So, the next time you think about your car and its different components, you’ll have a better understanding of the crucial role different types of adhesives and tapes play.