Smashes, Scratches and Scrapes: What To Do When Your Car Takes a Hit

It is every driver’s worst nightmare to get into a crash or collision whilst you’re on the road. Not only does it give you another financial burden to worry about, but it also means having to repair your vehicle. You work hard to maintain your car so when you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault it can be very frustrating. Here is how to deal with a scrape, scratch or smash calmly and rationally.

Legal Action

If the collision wasn’t your fault you are going to want to find a lawyer who can represent your case. Make sure you get the other driver’s details so that you can pass them onto your attorney. Although you might not think it is necessary at the time, it is also important to grab as many witness accounts as possible so that they can back you up if the case goes to court. Get their contact details too, as it is likely that the police will want to speak to people who actually saw the incident occur.


Inform Your Insurance Company

You may think it is the most time consuming and monotonous task to call up your insurance company and tell them about an accident, but it is absolutely vital. They will be able to recommend local garages for repair, they can arrange a courtesy car and they will even chase up some of the legal action on your behalf too. Although it might seem like a pain at the time, it is imperative that you let them know immediately.

Body Repair

You won’t be able to drive your car safely if it is dented and scratched all over. This will be deemed unsafe to drive and will put your insurance policy in jeopardy. It is really important that you get the body of your car repaired straight after the accident. Bumps and crashes can cause damage to the engine that you might be able to see straight away, but it will put you in danger if you continue to drive it when it is broken.

Perfect Paintwork

Purely for aesthetic reasons you might need to buy some touch-up paint, so that your car looks brand new again. There is nothing more frustrating than having to drive around with unsightly scratches and scraps on the body of your car. If you were in a more serious incident you might want to consider getting your vehicle resprayed so that it looks more even and professional. This will add the final touch to your newly repaired car, so you can get back out on the road in no time.

Nobody ever expects to be involved in a road incident, but if you ever are at least you will be fully aware of how to deal with it. Instead of sitting back and allowing the culprit to get away with their mistake you should take legal action. This will work in your favour and give you more chance of gaining compensation, especially if you were injured. As long as your car gets repaired properly too, it will then be safe to take out onto the roads again.