Safe Cars That Look Deceptively Stylish

When you’re in the market for a safe car, you usually have to temper your expectations. You can’t waltz into a showroom, ask for the safest vehicle, and then expect the salesperson to show you a beaut. It’s just not realistic. 

However, carmakers are getting their act together and figuring out ways of making safe cars more attractive. Today, you have a lot of options, and no longer have to look like you’re driving around in a giant bubble. 

Here are some of the safest and more stylish vehicles on the market today. 

Audi A3

Pexels – CC0 License

Audi takes crash testing very seriously – as do all the big German auto brands. And the company’s A3 is a case in point. Not only does the car look quite monstrous compared to most of the vehicles in its class, but it also comes with a host of features designed to protect the occupants. 

On the style front, the A3 comes with angular headlights, a framed grille, and dual exhaust pipes for extra aggression. But the company also equips it with its pre-sense technology to prevent accidents, stability control, and traction control. The car will even pre-tighten your seatbelt if it thinks you’re about to have an accident. 

Volvo S90

Any Volvo with 90 in the name uses the company’s most advanced technologies. And the S90 – the large luxury sedan – is no exception. The design of the vehicle is elegant, allowing it to compete with the likes of Mercedes and BMW. But it’s the technology under the hood that really stands out. 

Pexels – CC0 License

Volvo, for instance, includes a “large animal detection system” which continually scans the road ahead of bears and deer that might accidentally cross your path. Inside, you get polished wood and attractive Nappa leather, making this one of the safest and most luxurious vehicles on the market today. 

Nissan Maxima

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If you get into an accident and have to go to car wreck lawyers in the Nissan Maxima, then you’ve been unlucky. This vehicle not only looks great for a car in its price bracket but also offers a host of safety technology to prevent collisions on the road. 

For instance, you get automatic emergency braking as standard if the car detects an object in the road ahead. And you also get an advanced forward collision warning, alerting you if you’re about to plow into another vehicle. 

The car is also beautiful. The SR Midnight Edition features stunning paintwork, an aggressive front end, and a sporty interior. 

Mazda 6 

Recently, Mazda has massively improved all its vehicles, offering customers a compelling option they haven’t had for many years. As far as aesthetics go, the company is onto a winner at the moment. 

Mazda, however, has also been working hard on the safety technology of all its vehicles, including the Mazda 6, the company’s mid-size sedan. 

For instance, you get Smart City Brake Support which is a unique system that automatically moves the brake pads close to the brake in the event that a collision looks likely.