Road Trip Ready

You’re taking a trip and it’s going to be epic. We’re not just talking a couple of hours but several days, just you and your car heading into the unknown. Well maybe known a bit, but whatever the case there’s a road trip on the horizon and you’re in charge.

What are you going to need for your road adventure? So much. We bring you a masterclass in making road trips as easy and convenient as possible.

Image from Pexels


You could rely on the radio to get you through, but this is the 21st century so you know you’re going to need a playlist. Wherever you stream your music from, make sure you’ve created the ultimate sing-along set that has more than enough songs to while away the hours on the road.

Just make sure you also have all the cables and back up packs you need to stop you running out battery and to keep you connected should you hit a data blackout.


There are snacks and there are driving snacks. Fruit is not an option as keeping banana skins in a hot car for hours at a time is not pleasant so think easy to open, small and plentiful. If you’re really organised, you might even get a car snack holder that fits into the central storage compartments of many cars and allows you easy access to your food. Also, think drink. It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re on the road so keep your water levels topped up.

Car stuff

Got your sat nav up to date? Got back up in case your sat nav fails? Great you’re good to go. Do the usual safety checks you’d expect before a long trip. Look for liquid levels in your car, tyre pressure and bulbs. Also ensure that luggage is safely stowed away in the trunk or with DIY Roof Racks that will free up space in your car (for more snacks).

When planning your route be sure to factor in when you can stop to take rest breaks or even take a nap should you need one. Never drive tired, always pull over and take a break when necessary.

Lastly, it’s time to check that you are fully covered for breakdown and rescue services. Don’t leave it to chance. Even if you’re an expert in mechanics, chances are you’ll be in the middle of nowhere and need some help so have contact details to hand in case you should need them.

Then you’re all set to go, away from it all, just you and the open road. Preparation is key so get all the things you need in place before you head out and you’ll be cruising along with your favourite tunes, plenty of refreshments and your route carefully planned.

Get your car in great shape to avoid any worries about a breakdown and make sure any spare tyres are also pumped up and in good condition. Enjoy the feeling of freedom and independence and get to your destination after a road trip to remember.