Rev Your Way To Cheaper Car Insurance


One of the biggest costs of owning a car that really gives car owners a headache is insurance. As car insurance is a legal requirement for every driver, there is no way of getting around it, unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with extortionate premiums! In fact, there are a few different things you can do to try and keep the cost of your car insurance as low as possible. Read on for all the info!

Lower Your Mileage

When you take out a new car insurance policy, you will have to estimate how many miles you will be driving each month. It’s really important that you don’t overestimate this figure as a higher monthly mileage will increase your premiums. However, don’t lie and say that you will doing fewer than what you actually will be as this is fraudulent. Try and keep your driving down to a minimum and only for journeys that are absolutely necessary or else you might be pushing your insurance premiums up slightly.

Act Right After An Accident

You will have probably heard that being involved in a car accident will increase your insurance premiums as you will lose your no-claims bonus. This is true, but there are ways you can manage the increase so that your premiums don’t go up a huge amount. First of all, it’s a good idea to get in touch with an accident attorney as they can help you prove that the other driver was to blame. As long as you act the right way after an accident, your monthly premiums shouldn’t sky-rocket too much.


Improve Car Security

You should also try and keep your car as safe and secure as possible. That way, there is a lot less chance that it will be broken into or stolen. So, if possible, you should keep your car off the road whenever you aren’t using. In a garage is ideal. If you only have street parking available, then you need to use security items like a steering wheel lock and to get an alarm installed. Insurers like to see that cars are as secure as possible so that the risk of being broken into is drastically reduced.

Don’t Modify

Are you tempted to get some modifications added to your vehicle? The most popular ones include things like increasing the engine size or adding things like spoilers and alloy wheels. In a word – don’t! These additions and modifications will greatly increase your monthly insurance premiums.

Stick To One Named Driver

When you do apply for a new insurance policy, you will also need to name any drivers who will be using the vehicle. Try to keep these names down to a minimum as the more you put on the policy will increase the cost of your premiums. The price will go up significantly if one of your named drivers is young and inexperienced.

Hopefully, all of the above tips can help you rev your way to some cheaper insurance!