Rev Up Your Adrenaline With These Ultimate Driving Experiences

If the daily commute or school run has left you feeling a little flat about driving, it’s time to step up a gear. Here are six driving experiences that will remind you cars are meant to be fun.

Drive your dream car

If your salary has left you a little short of buying that Ferrari F40; don’t fear. With companies such as, you can hire the car of your dreams. Luxury car rentals are more affordable than you think. Whether it’s a few hours or a two-week long road trip, pick your fantasy machine, floor it and feel the Gs.


Go buggy

Off-road buggies offer something different from a fully-contained 4X4. You’re closer to the ground and will feel the acceleration course through your body behind the wheel of these light-weight vehicles. Book a day’s driving, or custom-build your own buggy with

Build a kit car

If you’re a gearhead, building a kit car from scratch gives you a hobby and the satisfaction of careering around in a machine you made. There is a wide variety of kits to choose from and make your own. A classic Cobra or Aston Martin can be yours for the price of a family hatchback (and a little elbow grease in the garage).



Book a track day

Fancy yourself as a Ricky Bobby? Well, you can get the NASCAR experience at tracks across the US. Check out’s tips to find a trackday near you. Many will let you tear around in your own car. For the full NASCAR experience, we recommend climbing into a Chevy.

Fall for Formula 1

It doesn’t get more extreme. And thanks to the Skip Barber Racing School, you can sample the training that pro-F1 drivers go through. The Formula Car Racing School courses come in one- to three-day sessions in Formula One cars.

If F1 is too much for your nerves and budget, offers Formula 3 driving packages. You’ll get in the cockpit quicker than the F1 option, too. So, fewer team talks and more adrenaline-fuelled driving in a single-seater racecar.



Porsche days for ladies

Although everything on our list is open to men and women, the automotive world can alienate women. Thankfully, the Porsche Sport Driving School offers a two-day women’s only package. Learn skid pad, off-road driving and track sessions in the Carrera S, Boxster and 911 Turbo S. (Without Jeremy Clarkson types leering at you, belly bursting from tight jeans.) As well as driving, fine dining, spa and golf lessons can be enjoyed, too.

Think biker

If you need a little extra adrenaline and want to feel at one with the road, a superbike experience could be for you. With power comes danger, so read the guide to getting thrills and staying safe-ish.

So, if your New Year’s Resolution is to fall in love with driving again, and break up the daily routine, these driving experiences are guaranteed to rev up your adrenaline in 2017.