Returning To The Morning Commute? 3 Tips For Enjoying Your Time Behind The Wheel

Pexels – CC0 License

As many of us are focusing on a return to in-person office attendance and perhaps a gradual return to normal, it’s true to say that the morning and evening commute will once again become a fixture of our lives. Making our work commute easier and safer behind the wheel is not only a good idea, then, but fundamentally important to remaining responsible drivers on the road.

Yet no matter how experienced we might be in our morning commute, it can feel a little bit tiring to come back to that strict routine, and to feel a little out of place in this new normal. In this way, learning strategies to help this time feel productive, time-conscious and safe is important. For those who haven’t been driving first thing in the morning for over a year, morning drowsiness can be a real problem, for instance. 

In fact, some people are totally redefining what their commute means to them in this light, potentially using electric bike conversion kit tools to offer a worthwhile alternative. In this post, we’re going to discuss how to once again enjoy your morning commute behind the wheel:

Wake Up Earlier & Take Your Time

Waking up a little earlier might seem like something to roll your eyes at, but it can help you avoid getting into your vehicle with only one trouser leg on, a coffee in hand, and toast crumbs all over your face. Waking up earlier helps you prepare your vehicle for the weather, get relaxed, set up your news for the day, and sync up your voice assistant routines. This way, you feel welcomed into the day more easily, and your safe driving will reflect this.

Get Your Podcasts & Audiobooks Locked & Loaded

Using apps that connect with your vehicle and subscribing to a range of podcasts or purchasing an audiobook can be a real aid. It not only helps you start your day with a little intellectual fulfillment, but can help you remain entertained even if you find yourself in traffic, or have a long commute to get through. For some people who have to commute for two hours each day, this can help reduce the drudgery and keep you alert behind the wheel.

Take The Scenic Route

Taking the scenic route not only gives you time to fully wake up, but can help you focus more on your driving, allowing you to drive more ‘actively’ than passively, which is useful what ends up happening after we have followed a route time and time again. The more you can make use of this, the better you can get to know your surrounding areas, and the more the mental map of your route to work can aid you if unexpected traffic or blockages come to pass. In that respect, we not only enjoy driving more, but become more aware behind teh wheel, too.

WIth this advice, we hope you can return to the morning commute with confidence.