Put Your Finger Down! The Best Driving Apps Out There


Apps serve a very useful purpose in our day-to-day lives now, and driving is one of these that have benefited so much from mobile apps, they make the journey easier, and they are indispensable in how you travel on the roads. And here are a few to think about putting on your smartphone, but remember, don’t use it while driving, be a responsible driver and don’t get distracted by them!


This is a great app for when you’re stuck in a lot of traffic, this app gives you the best alternate route to get to your destination, but beware, it is a big drainer of your battery, so make sure that you have it plugged in when you’re on the road!


While it is technically a travel app, it can do everything you need when it comes to making your long journeys that bit smoother. From recommending places where you can rent a car, as well as providing flights and hotels, it’s a great all in one package for your travelling needs.


Perfect if you struggling for a place to park your car. SpotHero is a bit like Airbnb, but for your car. You use the app to find a car parking space near you, and you can reserve the spot as well as pay for it on the app. It’s very handy if you are driving to the big cities, and it’s currently operating in 103 US cities.


This app is used in conjunction with a dongle that is plugged into your vehicle’s diagnostics port, and feeds back information to your app about the car as well as your driving. The information generally consists of things like the state of the engine, the gas mileage, and if you’ve been in an accident, it can alert the authorities automatically. Just beware, the app is free, but the dongle goes for $100.

Repair Pal

This gives you costs for not just your vehicle in general, but specific parts of your vehicle, and can help you to find a mechanic that is nearby. We’ve all had issues with mechanics that we don’t trust, and this app helps you to find the right one for you and your car.

Gas Buddy

It’s always nice to know how much the fuel is in your area, this app helps you to compare fuel prices. Be careful with this app as these prices are crowdsourced, so if you end up going to a rural area that doesn’t have people frequent those gas stations the information might not be as relevant as the intercity gas stations.


Have you wondered what facilities are at each upcoming service station? This app tells you what is at each one on the main highways, from hotels, gas stations, or hospitals if an emergency should arise.

Google Maps

This is still a good resource for planning your journey, as it is one of the most used apps, the updates are pretty much live, which is great if you run into problems like traffic.

The right app will make our journeys so much easier, so try a few of these on your next big road trip!