Protecting Your Insurance Premiums

When it comes to protecting your car out on the road, having some insurance is not only necessary and essential, but also the smartest way to make sure you still have an operating vehicle after any kind of accident has occurred. It allows you to stay on the right side of the law, as well as stay in pocket if something breaks down on you, or someone hits you, even when you’re simply just parked up.

And to make sure that your insurance policy is going the extra mile in keeping your car drivable, and never costing more than it’s worth, you’re going to want to fit some technology into the cockpit of your vehicle. So with that in mind, here’s a quick list of the best ideas and tech to look into when it comes to keeping the cost of your car down, as well as your no-claims policy in good condition.

Whilst some cars come with built in security, quite a few of them don’t. (Source)

Find Out What Security Your Policy Accepts

Every insurance policy out there has a different set of terms and conditions for you to look into, and that means you need to pay attention to the clause that states what kind of security items you can install in your car to help you prove a crash wasn’t your fault, how fast or slow you go on a regular basis, and how you can better protect against car thieves and any other roadside damage.

If these aren’t listed in the terms of the contract you signed, you’re going to have to contact your insurance provider directly – this can help you to find out the full scoop on what can be used and what can’t, right down to the manufacturer details if they’re pertinent.

Get a Dash Cam Fitted

Dash cams are very valuable pieces of kit, as they can prove anything that happens right in front of you, but not be as useful for accidents such as rear ending. But they’re accepted by most forms of insurance policies out there, so they should be top of your list.

Not to mention there’s all kinds of guides out there about what to do next if you do record a crash with one of these. So be sure to check out this dash cam list by Blackbox My Car, if you’re in need of some inspiration over what model is best for your needs and budget.

Invest in an Immobiliser

An immobiliser makes sure that your car cannot turn on unless the key is inserted into the ignition, thus protecting your car against being hot wired if it’s broken into. It works on the engine, making sure it doesn’t turn over unless you are in the driver’s seat with your keys in hand.

You can protect your insurance premiums as much as the premiums protect your car, so be sure to invest in some good kit and install it as soon as possible into your vehicle.