Protecting your car from professional thieves with asset trackers

Stopping classic car thieves with modern asset tracker technology

You’re almost definitely aware of how much your vintage car is worth, and it’s not just admirers who know the price tag attached to classics. Cars are a major target for thieves, and owners of classic cars often end up getting targeted by a new breed of criminal. Coming with high tech equipment designed to get past most security systems, professional criminals are almost impossible to stop.

Many of the most high tech car thieves get paid on specific commission – find a particular type of car and steal it. Of course, a vintage car is more recognisable than most, so you might expect it to be recovered eventually. Sadly, the thieves have thought of that too, so many specifically targeted thefts end up with your car being shipped to another country, making it practically impossible to find.

With no way to recover your vehicle, and technology designed to stop most trackers, you’ll end up completely out of luck if you’re targeted by thieves. That is, unless you’re using a high powered asset tracker to keep your vehicle completely safe. While standard asset trackers get caught out by the equipment thieves use, there’s a recent product from CanTrack that was built to stop even the most professional thieves around.

Most asset trackers use a GPS signal, which just isn’t good enough for the modern day. If you’ve tried using any GPS based device, you’ll know exactly how easy it is to block a signal, with enclosed spaces cutting off signals. Thieves also come equipped with GPS blockers, completely circumventing your car’s security. Once they’ve cut off the signal, they’ll be able to find your tracker, with most devices needing to be plugged into a battery, making them easy to track.

The CanTrack asset tracker uses a battery-based design instead, so it can be placed anywhere in your car (particularly great if you’ve got a Cadillac or classic Jaguar). As long as you don’t place it somewhere obvious, thieves probably won’t be able to find the asset tracker. With a powerful radio signal, the tracker can’t be blocked by any equipment, so you’ll know exactly where your car is at all times.

CanTrack has a dedicated recovery team, so that even if your car gets stolen, you’ll be able to get it back quickly, rather than having to wait around for slow police services.

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