Professional Car Wash and Detailing Supplies

Did you know that at the last estimate, there are 32.5 million cars on the roads of the UK? That’s around one for every two people! It’s no wonder our roads are crowded, and equally no wonder that our cars get dirty very easily even with just ordinary use!

In poor weather, it’s far from unusual to find a car that has been out for just a short journey to be covered in dirt and grime brought on the rain, or for the underside to be filthy from dirt swept up off the road. Washing a car has become a traditional weekend chore!

Many people in the UK treasure their cars. Some have saved for a long time to buy the model they want, others run classic cars that are their pride and joy and may be valuable too.

For body shops and car repair centres, becoming a trusted provider of necessary services to these car owners is important, and that means using quality products to give your customers that added peace of mind. When it comes to cleaning and detailing products, Caiman has a great range that you might want to check out. 

For Automatic Car Washes

Do you run an automatic car wash? If so, you’ll be visited by many satisfied customers who prefer to use this method rather than wash by hand. It’s quick, simple and offers very good results for little money, especially if you use the best automatic car wash supplies that Caiman offers.

They have great prices and you can choose from a variety of products including various types of foam, specialist wheel cleaner, drying agents, detergents and more – everything, in fact, you could need for an automatic car wash. With many satisfied clients on their books you should have a look now and see what they can offer you.

They also have further products that can be used in detailing cars and making sure they are presented beautifully, including affordable and proven to be effective traffic film remover for cars that comes highly recommended by users and in a choice of formulas. This sort of attention to detail will ensure that your customers appreciate your efforts and come back to you for service every time.

Keeping Cars Clean and Beautiful

For many people, keeping their car beautiful, shiny and clean is a large part of their life, and if they have a car wash they can go to that gives them the results they desire then that makes life all the better. With access to the best products, you can help your customers with classic or treasured cars make sure they are washed, shining, and presented to show standard, and at surprisingly affordable costs.

Going that extra mile to help your clients is always a great way of gaining their loyalty, so if you’re not using them already, why not give the Caiman range of products a try? With great prices and proven results you’re sure to find them right up your street!