Pick-Up Modifications: Practical Improvements for Your Truck

Few things in life are as cool as owning a truck. Whether it’s the incredible amount of practical uses it has or the ridiculously large tires you can install, a truck is a status symbol to be reckoned with. There’s something incredibly satisfying about driving a roaring truck down the road carrying your family, the groceries, your pets and kitchen appliances while towing a caravan to a holiday camping destination.

So for such a versatile and much-loved vehicle, it makes sense that there’s an incredibly passionate and informative aftermarket community that’ll help you get the most out of your smart vehicle purchase. From lifting up your ride to give you better clearance to installing larger tires for better performance, there are hundreds of small and large customizations you can make to your truck that will give it an extra kick in terms of practicality, style and sturdiness.


Tonneau Cover

The back of your truck is a versatile and spacious area. It can be used to ferry more people, it can be turned into a bedding area for emergencies, and of course it can carry your luggage and items. One of the best ways to ensure it stays safe is to install a tonneau cover so that it remains dry and free from external damage. This also ensures that your items won’t fly off the sides or the back if you take a sharp turn.

Bed Liner

The bed of your truck is prone to many scratches and damages due to all the items in the back shifting around. If you put things like tools in the back then it’s a good idea to store them in a box, but accidents can happen regardless. By installing a cheap and effective liner, you can protect the bed from scratches and other marks with ease.

Truck Lifting

A truck lift kit allows you to lift the front of your truck for cosmetic and practical reasons. They’re relatively inexpensive and can be installed either by yourself or with the help of a professional if you’re not too experienced with truck maintenance.

A lift kit has several advantages, such as being able to see more of the road which is priceless. You’ll be able to see vehicles and other obstructions better, and it’ll be easier to spot careless drivers that could bump into you or worse, collide into you at full speed. It also allows you to install larger tires that can help with rough terrains such as snow or mud. You’ll also have an easier time towing larger items such as boats or large caravans, and getting your truck lifted so that it looks “straight” can add a lot of cosmetic value.

Unfortunately, it does have some slight side effects that might be worrying to truck owners. For one, larger tires mean that more power is needed to turn the wheels, resulting in worse gas mileage. However, many enthusiasts are convinced that it’s a very small change and doesn’t have a huge effect. It also shifts the centre of gravity which can make sharp turns more dangerous, but this can be offset with safe and careful driving. In some cases, manufacturers won’t cover your warranty anymore if you modify your vehicle, so be sure to check with your dealer before altering your truck.