Old School Hot Hatches – Where Are They Now?

Our friends at Manchester based leasing firm All Car Leasing have produced an infographic we love called ‘Old School Hot Hatches – Where Are They Now?” –  they’ve looked at 10 of the most popular UK hot hatches through the decades from the 1960’s Reliant Scimitar GTE to the Renault V6 Clio Renault sport from the turn of the millennium. However, this infographic has a different spin to it – All Car Leasing have also looked at how many are still left and roadworthy on the British roads and how much you can buy them for (approximately).

We think this is a cool look at some of the most iconic cars on the roads. Everyone knows what a hot hatch is and everyone at some point has either owned one or really wanted to own one. Well, perhaps with this infographic it might give you some ideas to visit some used car dealerships this weekend!

We hope you enjoy this infographic as much as we did, if you’ve got any thoughts or want to share your hot hatch memories then please feel free to do so in the comments section.

Hot Hatches – Where Are They Now? Infographic by All Car Leasing

Hot Hatches Where Are They Now?