Oak Garages With Room Above Accommodation

If you are looking to add a garage space to your property, why not make it one that includes room above for accommodation or office use? We have been inspired by the quality of workmanship and attention to detail that The Classic Barn Company provides to review their product for you, and we recommend you check out their website at https://www.oakgarages.com/oak-garages-with-room-above-accommodation.

What are the benefits of oak garages, and how will you benefit from a room above? The Classic Barn Company will build you a beautifully made oak garage using the highest quality materials, and these buildings can be found on the property of many satisfied clients across the UK. Let’s begin by talking about the company.

About The Classic Barn Company

The Classic Barn Company is an award winning family owned and run business that is dedicated to providing top quality oak buildings. Director Andrew Guppy explains on the website their accreditations and the dedication to attention to detail and passion for oak that the company stands by. Each building is created by experienced craftsman, who are also passionate about their work, and while there are standard frames available, The Classic Barn Company can provide bespoke designs for specific purposes, and are happy to talk to potential clients about their requirements.

The company uses oak as it is a traditional building material, in keeping with the style that many clients request, and is strong, durable and also can be cut to sizes to fit. The website features a variety of pictures in the gallery, plus plenty of information about their work, they’ve even got a brochure that takes the information and imagery to the next level, it’s all very impressive. Contact them, and a consultant will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

About The Craftsmen

Creating an oak frame from scratch is an art form, and the skilled and experienced craftsmen who work for The Classic Barn Company have many years in the trade behind them. They will build the frame from top quality oak, and then erect the building on site for you, precisely where you need it to be.

The company is very proud of the fact it has been awarded accreditation to the Guild of Master Craftsmen. This prestigious guild ensures that all of its members adhere to stringent quality rules, plus a council regularly checks members to be certain they provide not only quality products, but also the very best in customer service.

They’ve even had the honour of a Royal Inspection; Princess Anne was the guest of honour when one of their new Classic Barns was built for the opening of one of the UK’s most renowned equestrian centres!

If you want an entire garage with room above built for you, The Classic Barn Company can undertake the entire job from initial consultation through design and planning to finally erecting the barn in its place. Or, some clients opt for the frame-only service, where they receive all of the design and support benefits at a budgetary price and use their own selected tradesmen to finish the barn to their liking.

The choice is yours, and one of the team at The Classic Barn Company will be able to talk you through each option, and help you decide which service is best for you.

About the Product

The Classic Barn Company specialises in oak garages, and they are highly regarded for their attention to detail. They state that the most important factor in such a building is the frame, and this is where the craftsmen they employ put their creativity, skill and attention to detail to good use. An oak frame, when constructed and finished properly as one from The Classic Barn Company will be, is a strong, beautiful and long-lasting construction, around which a beautiful barn can be built.

The traditional look of an oak-framed building is one that looks the part in any setting, and by using the methods that have been in use for many centuries combined with modern applications and the best quality wood, The Classic Barn Company offers very fine buildings indeed. However, note that their ethos also extends to giving customers such quality at sensible prices, and a detailed costing will be drawn up for you.

The benefits of having a room above add to the appeal of these attractive barns. The room, accessed by an external staircase so interior space can be maximised, can be one of the standard designs or bespoke to the client’s requirements.  Many people use it as extra accommodation, while others may find the extra space useful as an office at home. Furthermore, The Classic Barn Company ensures that the accommodation space is built to the highest standards, as with the entire building.

If you want more space than is available in the standard designs, you might want to talk to The Classic Barn Company about their Extrawide™ oak garages, which allow for especially wide bays so doors can be opened on both sides, even in larger vehicles.

Full Range of Services

The comprehensive service provided by The Classic Barn Company extends to pre-planning your garage. An engineer will assess the type of foundation that your garage will require – this being determined by your location – and ground workers will lay the foundations ahead of the frame arriving. You also get a choice of roof material, and they can even match the foundation bricks with your house or nearby walls should you wish.

The Classic Barn Company can also help with Planning and Building Regulations; there are many cases in which planning permission for an oak garage may not be necessary, depending upon the location of the planned building and its proximity to the house. Should a planning application be necessary, The Classic Barn Company will handle if for you.

The beautiful finish of The Classic Barn Company buildings is further enhanced by the use of hand-made, bespoke doors and gates, with three traditional-style, strong and durable hinges for added stability. If the client asks, doors can also be automated for further convenience.

Open oak framed garage showing glazed wall and porsche.

Our Final Thoughts

The Classic Barn Company has built a reputation for top quality, very attractive and well-made ok garages, with attention to detail to the fore. The oak garages with room above are especially practical and useful, and you may be surprised at how affordable such a building can be. If an oak framed garage would be right for you, get in touch with The Classic Barn Company and one of the team will be happy to arrange a consultation.

Three bay garage with office room above.
Author: The Classic Barn Company
Caption: Triple oak garage with external staircase leading up to an office space above the garages.
Copyright: The Classic Barn Company
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