Nomadic Motor Essentials: the Most Important Accessories When You’re Living Out of Your Car

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Most people are feeling more drawn to the nomadic life than ever. While campervans and RVs provide an ideal solution for some, if you’re not able to purchase one of these because of your budget constraints and therefore you need to live in your Jeep or van, you will need the best features and modifications to turn your car into a functional home. Whether you need to store bikes, suitcases, or even kayaks, let’s show you the essentials to get you going!

A Cargo Box or Roof Rack

We may very well fill up our vehicle to the point of bursting, and therefore, we need to use a roof rack or cargo box to carry extra gear, supplies, and luggage. If you’ve got a very unique hobby like kayaking, you need to carry the tools that stabilize your kayak, as well having a sturdy rack can hold a lot, provided it’s compatible with your vehicle’s roof type. 

When it comes to buying roof racks, there are three different types: aero bars, wing bars, and square bars. You should also think about weight limits and aerodynamics, especially if you’re carrying really heavy items that can slow your car down.

Window Tinting

This, or curtains, will shield you from prying eyes if you need to spend a night sleeping in your car or van at a campsite. It’s also worth choosing blackout curtains that can help regulate the temperature in the vehicle. Magnetic curtains are a snug fit, and you can easily rip them off so you can get back on the road. 

Of course, while there’s something quite exciting about sleeping in your car, you need to make sure you’re doing it safely. Ensure that you park up at camping sites rather than just sleeping in your car in the middle of a street! Ultimately, when it comes to these long-distance journeys, you’ve got to go into it with some common sense. Always protect your privacy at all costs.

A Foldable Sleeping Platform

A foldable platform will ensure you maximize the space during the day but is also a comfortable bed at night. Ultimately, we want to be using as little space as possible and should be as relaxed as we can so we’re able to get back on the road as soon as we wake up. Sleeping in a car is a very tough thing to do. Sleeping in a car should involve limiting the light, reclining the seats, and having a pillow if necessary, but ultimately it might be unsustainable for long periods of time. Make sure that you break it up with a few overnight stays in a relaxing motel where you can truly stretch out. 

When we sleep in cars, we might not feel that we can stretch out properly and subconsciously tense up, but this will invariably cause problems, especially if we are spending at least 12-hour days inside the car. Always get out, stretch, and make sure that you do feel comfortable.

A Camping Stove

Living in a nomadic lifestyle should feel adventurous, and a portable camping stove means that you can prepare meals quickly and easily. Compact design is critical because it will be convenient, but also make sure that you store it properly. 

Ensuring that you have a camping stove storage solution means that while you are on the road, if you experience any mishaps, the propane or butane will not leak! Of course, the other part of living a nomadic lifestyle with a portable camping stove means that you are potentially limited in your meal choices, but have a look at this guide, and there’s plenty of options for you.

A First Aid Kit

We have to prioritize safety while we are out and about. A very simple thing, but a well-stocked first aid kit should come with the right supplies for any minor injuries and medical emergencies. When it comes to storing your first aid kit, if your van or Jeep is full to bursting, make sure that it’s easy to access. Keep it at the front and the glove compartment or in the glove compartment if it fits.

A Breakdown Kit

A car breakdown kit should include jumper cables and a tow rope, at the very least. Jumper cables should be an absolute non-negotiable. You need to make sure that your car is fit for purpose, especially if you are living an active lifestyle on the road, but having those things that will give you peace of mind when you break down in the middle of nowhere ensures you can get to the nearest gas station as quickly and safely as possible.

Living on the road for a long period of time is both exhilarating and exhausting, but this is why having the best features will make all of the difference.