Nissan X-Trail: A Cheap, Reliable Off-Roader

Modern off-roaders don’t have all of the style or functionality of the old classics so somebody that is serious about their 4×4’s should look into getting a second-hand one and restoring themselves. One of the best choices there is the Nissan X-Trail. It might not be the best one on the market, but it’s a solid all-rounder and you’ll be able to pick one up relatively cheaply. It looks a bit rough around the edges like any good off-roader and it’s a dream to drive. The inside is spacious so it’s fine to use as an everyday runner as well as a serious off-roader. A lot of people experience problems with stalling but once you get a feel for driving it, you should be fine. It’s a small sacrifice to make for a decent 4×4 at a very reasonable price.

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Where To Buy One

The X-Trail is a pretty popular car so you should be able to find plenty at used car lots or on second-hand car sites. Before you buy, make sure you check that everything is in good working order. You’ll have a choice to make when you’re buying a used 4×4; you can save money initially if you get one that is need of a lot of repairs. If you think you’ve got the know-how and you’re willing to put the time in, it’s a cheaper option. If you don’t want to do too much technical work on it, get one in better condition and just make some small tweaks to it. It will cost you more but you can get on the road quicker. Always test drive before you buy and don’t fall for a sales pitch.


You can do whatever you like to your new X-Trail, but if you don’t have a decent set of tires on it, you won’t get very far on your off-road adventure. When you’re looking for the best off road tires, the first thing to look for is the surface. You need to make sure that the grooves are deep enough but if they aren’t, you won’t get enough traction and you’ll soon find yourself stuck. Second, you need to find out how many layers are in the main section of the tire. The more layers, the stronger the tire will be. On a normal car, you don’t need to worry too much. However, if the tires on your off-roader aren’t strong enough, you’ll struggle on difficult terrain.

Bull bars

When you’re driving in the city, a bull bar is pretty pointless. As soon as you get out into the wild, a bull bar can help stop you from damaging your new 4×4. It will block any objects that you might plow into while you’re bouncing across treacherous routes. If you don’t have one, things are more likely to deflect up and smash the windscreen.

Air Intake

Another problem that you might run into is flooding your air intake if you’re driving through deep water. You can avoid this with a simple modification before you take it out. By relocating your air intake using a snorkel, you can raise it above roof level and then make the underside of your X-Trail completely watertight. That way, you can go through any deep puddles you like without damaging the engine.