Nine Cheap Ways to Customize Your Car

We all love our cars, and spend a lot of time sitting in the driver’s seat commuting to work, giving the kids a lift to school, or doing the shopping. Some of us have developed such a personal relationship with our four-wheeled vehicle that we talk to them and even give them names. To make your car stand out and represent your personality, you don’t have to spend a fortune. There are some cheap and great mods you can implement to feel better behind the wheel and give your vehicle the well-deserved beauty makeover. Find a few tips for inspiration below.

  1. DAB Radio

If you love listening to the radio while going to work and being stuck in traffic, you might want to upgrade your audio system to enjoy your experience even more. The good news is that older cars’ audio systems can be replaced in just a few hours by a qualified mechanic, and you can enjoy superior sound coming from your speakers for a long time to come. The price of DAB car radios has gone down significantly in recent years, so this might be a good time to make the most out of your old vehicle.

  1. New Interior

You don’t have to change your seats, you can simply get new covers, and make your car look brand new. Whether you would like more comfort, or simply love pink or zebra patterns, you will be able to improve the interior of your car on a budget. Don’t forget about those important mats; they can be customized, too. If you want to display a funny quote, or add your car’s name to the design, you can get in touch with a company that creates custom car floor mats for every model and make.

  1. Chrome Wheels

You might just want to make your car turn heads and perform better. Adding some chrome wheels to the design can always help. Chrome elements, such as spoilers and handles can also improve your car’s image. You can make it look like a custom car for just a few dollars. Chrome wheels can be bought second-hand, or refurbished, and enhance the look and performance of your car.

  1. Custom Bumpers

If you like the shape of your car, but want to make it look even better, you can paint or style your bumpers according to your style. Custom car bumpers can include wings or chrome elements, and you can even make your own design to create a unique look that will impress people as you drive down the street. Whatever your reason for customizing your car is, you can start with your bumpers.

  1. Car Stickers

Image via Flickr

An even cheaper to customize your bumpers is getting some car stickers to include a quote, a funny image, or even your name on. If you own a common model, you might find it hard to locate your car in a busy parking lot, and this simple addition will also make you stand out from the crowd. If you want your friends to wave at you when you drive downtown, you will need to give them a clue that it is you. There are some companies that can create you unique car stickers to put in your rear window, on your hood, or even your bumpers or side doors.

  1. Car Lashes

Image via Flickr

Girls might want to give their cars a female personality and dress them pretty. Forget about the small unicorn statues inside; do something that will make heads turn. Car lashes placed over the headlights are pretty and legal at the same time. You might need to visit your local body shop to safely attach these accessories, and you can turn some heads when you are giving the kids a lift. The good news is that there are different designs to suit your car’s shape and “personality”.

  1. Wrap It

Another way of making your car truly unique without having to pay for respraying and expensive body paint is getting custom branded car wraps in your favorite color and style. If you own a business, there is no better way of advertising your services than driving around in a car that has your logo and your services, contact details displayed on it. The good news is that the wrap can be removed if you change your business, or altered, according to your needs.

  1. Antenna Toppers

A cool way of getting noticed is getting branded or funny antenna toppers. If you have a digital car radio, you will not use your antenna anyway. These will only cost you a few dollars, and make it easy for you to locate your car. Be prepared to get some attention from local kids and your neighbors, but if you are happy, that’s all that matters. You will, however, need to find a way to keep this item safe from souvenir hunters, and take care when you are driving under low bridges.

  1. Custom Shift Knobs and Steering Wheels

If you would like to customize your car without taking it too far, you might want to get some custom shift knobs and buttons installed. They can add style and sophistication to even older models. You can choose your car maker’s logo, or a diamond design, and quickly get used to the new item that is not too visible but makes you smile every time. To upgrade your comfort on long drives, you might, however, opt for steering wheel wraps. Whether leather is your thing or you would like to keep your hands warm, there are plenty of cheap options to choose from.

We all want our items to suit our needs and match our personality. A car is no exception. The above low-cost ways of customizing your car will keep you smiling behind the wheel for long years to come. Make sure that you are getting your hands on a deal and trust a local mechanic with installing some of the custom features, so you can enjoy your unique ride without putting yourself into danger.