Must Have Features That Boost A Car’s Value

Are you looking to sell your motor? It isn’t easy work, right? The problem is the money. You want to sell it for as much as possible, whereas the buyer wants to spend very little. The situation leaves you in a difficult place where you either wait for a better offer or sell the car undervalue. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right upgrade, the value of your car will skyrocket. Then, buyers will have no choice but to stump up the cash. Here are the features that add the most value.

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Cruise Control

The world is a lazier place nowadays, so the driving experience has to get in line. Making a car easier to drive isn’t so easy, that is, unless, you have cruise control. Cruise control is like autopilot in the sense that you set the speed and the car won’t deviate from it unless instructed. The result is the driver doesn’t have to bother pressing the gas or the brake – they can just stare out of the windshield at the road. Installing cruise control is expensive so you will need a car that has it already to get the extra bucks.


What’s funny about 4WD being a sought after feature is that most people don’t need it. If you think about it, when do you go off road or even want to go off road? The answer is hardly ever in most cases, yet buyers love the security. And, because of the peace of mind, they will pay a lot more money. Converting a 2WD into a 4WD isn’t a piece of cake, but it isn’t impossible. It is definitely worth the money in a lot of cases.


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Quality Tires

Do you know how many drivers have to deal with dodgy tires? Lots of them, you included. There is nothing more annoying than lying by road trying to or replace a faulty tire or fixing a puncture. It is annoying because it doesn’t have to happen in the first place according to Wiltshire Tyres and other tire pros. By simply investing in good tires from the outset, the common problems won’t affect you like they do everyone else. Extras like wheel chains for driving in the snow also don’t go amiss.


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Tow Bar

Going abroad on vacation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people prefer to hitch the caravan to the car and set off across the country. It is freeing, low maintenance, and, more than anything, cheap! However, it isn’t possible without a tow bar. If there is no tow bar, there is nowhere to attach the trailer or caravan and nowhere to sleep. The great thing is they are easy to install. In fact, anyone can do it, but they prefer to have it at their disposal already. Remember – people are not as active as they were in the past.

Any car with these features will sell for a lot more money. Honestly, how could anyone resist?