Motoring Money Management: How To Take The Financial Sting Out Of Driving

We all love driving, but nobody enjoys the financial strain it can cause. From the moment you apply for a provisional license, managing those expenses is an ongoing battle. Sadly, if you fail to take the necessary precautions, those overheads could spiral out of control.

Conversely, embracing a few simple tricks should enable you to enjoy far greater control over those costs. In turn, that should increase your enjoyment behind the wheel and throughout life in general. Here are five tips that should make the road to financial control far smoother.


Buy nearly new: Buying a car is one the most important purchases you’ll ever complete, and there are many options to consider. The growth of the used marketplace allows drivers to find a great model at a fraction of the price. On the other hand, buying too old can increase the chance of costly repair work and the need for tech add-ons. Opt for a car that’s two or three years old, and you won’t go far wrong.

Search for the right deals: Cars are one of the few assets where you can still haggle on the price. Likewise, the repayment methods can have a telling impact on the overall expense. However, the vehicle purchase isn’t the only key factor to consider. Using a car insurance comparison service should knock a noticeable dent into the annual costs. Frankly, paying anything more than the best rate would be a huge waste of funds, especially if the coverage levels are identical.

Earn money from driving: We all know that cars can be a great asset for work simply for the fact that they allow us to commute. However, modern society also offers plenty of money making opportunities for drivers. Whether they’re full-time jobs or side hustles, they can remove huge pressure. Or if you’re self-employed and need to drive as part of the job, you may be able to claim some tax relief also.


Keep the car healthy: All vehicles will require yearly servicing. However, encountering additional problems can soon see the costs of driving skyrocket. The best way to fight this outcome is to prevent minor issues escalating into serious trouble. Simple jobs like maintaining the tire pressure and fluid levels will serve you well. Meanwhile, learning how to change a wheel or fix other small issues can work wonders too. Finally, you must remember to pay attention to dashboard warnings.

Embrace smarter habits: The way in which you drive will always have a massive impact on running costs. Therefore, learning to drive in a way that conserves gas will bring positive influences. Meanwhile, running a carpool can also cut down on your personal expenses. This option also aids the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. More importantly, though it will save you money.

Even with these tips, driving will still be expensive. Nonetheless, they can reduce the strain, and that is something that drivers of all backgrounds should embrace with open arms.