Money Saving Hacks For Keeping A Car

Buying a car is a huge commitment in terms of safety, finances, and time itself. You’ll need to be on your toes with all the different parts that may need maintenance, paying road tax, getting insurance, buying fuel, and knowing you’ll get enough use out of your vehicle. But there are few cost cutting corners to take when it comes to keeping a car for your personal use. Here’s a few recommendations to save you some well earned and well needed cash when your transport is considered.


Find the Right Kind of Insurance

This is the first step to being on the road. Yet insurance can be very expensive, with many variable rates and rules involved to keep the costs down. If you have a claim that needs to be covered, then the funds need to be there in the first place. This isn’t helped by the amount of fraudulent claims, and other drivers have to pay the cost of those as well. It’s a horrible circumstance, but it’s unfortunately true.

So if you’re looking to roll in the dollars, as you don’t have very many to spare, but you absolutely need your vehicle on the side, be sure to check out places like Sites like these exist to be a godsend, but make sure they’re legit and have the deals they claim to. After all, you don’t want to score an amazing premium and them lose your money immediately.

Pawn’ Out Your Vehicle for Extra Cash

One of the great things about handing over a vehicle lease for money is that it’s temporary, and you can still keep and use your car at the same time. If you pawn your car title then you’ll still be on the road whilst safe in the knowledge you have some extra cash in hand.

However, you’ll usually have to own the car yourself, depending on where you’re trying to lend it. You’ll typically also need some proof of income to show you can pay back a loan, which is just standard practice of issuing money to other people.

Clean it Yourself

If you’re on a student loan then you’re unlikely to be putting your car in for a service each week. However, a lot of us do like to overdo it a little. Don’t pay for a car wash or valet service. Break out some wet wipes for the interior and get the vacuum on the carpets. Using buckets of water instead of a hose will also save your water bill!

Sign Up for a Driving Service

Made popular by Uber, working as a taxi in all but name means you can make a lot of extra cash in your own time. Personal driver jobs take a driver’s and usually a government license in order to get a job, but they’re easy to accomplish and can even mean your car is your main source of income.

There’s plenty of money saving tricks to abide by to keep your car!