Make Your Weekend Classic An Every Day Beauty

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We’re not alone when it comes to daydreaming about classic cars. After all, what could be cooler than driving around town in 1967 Ford Mustang, or heading to the beach in a 1953 Chevy Bel Air with your surfboard attached to the roof? But for all the positives that come with owning a classic car, not least the fact you’ll be able to say, “they just don’t make cars like this anymore,” there is one big downer; its everyday use.

Classic cars can’t keep up with the everyday comfort and experience offered by modern cars, and that is their only real fault. Their convenience, comfort, reliability and practicality all come under scrutiny when it comes to daily driving.

However, with a few upgrades and enhancements can turn your sunny weekend cruiser into an everyday beauty, and you can do so without ruining that classic car feel that is so important to its character.


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Braking And Steering

These are without a doubt the biggest areas of concern when it comes to stepping out of a modern car and into a classic. Drum brakes just aren’t as convenient as modern day brakes simply because they need regular adjustments if you want to stop your car from pulling left or right whenever you need to brake. As for the steering, modern day use is all about power steering. Put it this way, people can get fed up with you for having to do a 21-point turn on a busy road. But don’t worry, because there are conversion kits that can easily be installed to fix both of these issues and bring you car into the realm of simple maneuverability.

Air Con Shouldn’t Be A Luxury

Classic cars love living in warmer climates, it is where they serve you best in terms of look and feel. But there is one major setback; your need for air-conditioning. It could be that your classic has a factory-equipped air-con unit, but you’ll know better than most this is a selling point as opposed to a practical inclusion. Upgrading this area comes with two options. First off, you can avoid having to get any unsecured loans by simply upgrading to a new refrigerant, or you can get a kit that is directly fitted to your car. The latter is obviously going to be more effective, and it can be installed without affecting your car’s performance or looks.

Go Electronic

This is one of the best ways to bring your old car into the new world, and there are two main ways to achieve this. The first is the installation of an electric fan. Let’s take traffic as an example. Your classic hates traffic, which is because how fast the motor spins directly affects how much it can cool down the engine. That is where an inexpensive bolt-on fan can save you some serious inconvenience, and embarrassment. The other electronic upgrade is the ignition. This is going to be especially necessary to anyone using a car that pre-dates the 70s when they used a points ignition system that requires constant cleaning and care. That’s where an electronic ignition wins over your used parts every time and, what’s more, it is one of those jobs you can do yourself in less than an hour.