Make Your Car Work For You and Earn You Some Extra Cash

Buying a car, though a large upfront cost, can actually be an asset to you. And one of the reasons why is that it can be a way that you can make money or generate a little side-hustle to pay the bills. So if you’re looking to make a little extra cash, then why not make your car that does cost you money, pay for itself? Here are some pretty low-risk strategies that you could choose, if you want to make a little extra by using your car. Have you tried any of them before?


Rent Out Your Car

If you travel quite a bit, then it can be hard to see your car just parked up on the side of the road or in the airport parking lot. But there are some airports and rental car providers that allow you to park at the airport for free, and then you’ll get a cut of the money if someone rents out your car for the time that you’re gone. This isn’t going to be everyone, especially if their car is like a precious member of the family to them. But for some, it can be a great low-maintenance option that can generate some income when it would be otherwise sat there.

Advertise on Your Car

If you’re not precious about what your car looks like or the bodywork on it, then using your car for ads can be one of the most low-maintenance ways to make money, as you don’t have to anything that you wouldn’t normally do. A company could come and attach their custom vehicle wraps to your car, and then you can go from there. Of course, you should check that it is something that you’re happy to advertise, or it won’t go well!

Become a Driver

With apps like Uber and Lyft you can easily turn your car into a taxicab in your spare time or for certain journeys. You can register and go from there, and it could allow you to make as much or as little as you’d like. You could also register to be a courier with different companies like the new Amazon Flex, for example. Then you can be driving parcels or documents around, rather than people. It can be some pretty good money, though.

Waste Disposal

If you have a large vehicle, then it can be simple to let friends and neighbors know that you could move and transport their old junk for a small fee. You could also think about helping people with house moves or other removals, if you have space for larger objects in your car or van. When you can advertise locally through social media or word of mouth, it can make a massive difference to the amount of money that you could potentially make.

Have you done any of these jobs before? It would be good to hear what experiences have worked. Just get a little creative, and you can easily make your car work for you and earn its keep.