Make A Classic Car A Classic Investment

Buying a classic car is a brilliant choice. In fact, it’s the one sure way to beat the issue with depreciation when you purchase a car. When you buy a typical car, it’s going to go down in value fast. The only way to avoid this is if you don’t use the car at all. But even then, if you keep the car, it’s still going to drop in value because it will quickly be outdated. So, it makes a lot of sense to buy a classic. That is, as long as you are planning on keeping it as a financial purchase rather than using it as a toy. If you are planning to use it as a toy, then stick around because some the advice you’ll find here applies to that too. So, let’s get started.

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Finding The Right Classic Car For You

The first step is purchasing a classic vehicle. Ideally, you want to buy the car before it’s a classic but there’s no way to tell what car is going to become a collector’s trophy. Though, if a car producer goes out of business there’s a good chance someone will see the cars that they have made as collectibles.

If you want to make sure that you get a collectible, there’s one option that you should consider. Just look for a list of cars that are considered to be collectible purchases and pursue one of these like There’s quite a few including Jags and one or two Porsches.

What Services Do You Need?

Are you a mechanic? Do you have experience fixing cars? If the answer is no, then we recommend hiring a professional to checkout the car before you buy. That way you’ll know what needs fixing and how much it will cost before committing to the investment. You’re also going to need check out resources for parts like It’s crucial that you budget and make sure that you will come out ahead after you’ve fixed up your classic.

Can You Afford A Classic?

You have two financial options when purchasing a classic. Either you can buy one in fantastic condition that still looks like it just came out the factory. For that you’re going to need a few hundred thousand. If that’s the case, you probably are purchasing the car as a fun little toy because, quite frankly, cars will take awhile to grow in value. It’s unlikely you’ll see any sign of a profit if you buy a classic this way. The other would be to buy a fixer upper. A classic that has seen better days can be bought second hand for a couple grand. Now, we’re starting to see the potential of this type of car…if you can fix it up.

Where To Buy From?

There are various places you can purchase classics from. You can get them online or from private sellers. Some dealers even sell classics. But where is the right place to buy them from? Actually, there’s no right answer to this question. Some people stay away from online sellers. But this can be a great place to find a rare car. You just need to find a trustworthy seller. Take a look at these tips on to identify people you can buy from.

We hope this helps you navigate the classic car investment.