Little Things New Drivers Always Find Challenging

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If you’ve been driving for a while, it feels like second nature doesn’t it? It’s just a natural experience where a lot of things become an instant reaction. You don’t have to think about checking your mirror or indicating. It’s part of the process, and that makes it a piece of cake. You probably don’t even remember what it was like to learn how to drive the car. How much trouble did you have on your first couple of little test runs on the road? We imagine, quite a lot. If you’re a new driver reading this, it’s important to know you’re not alone. Everyone finds learning to drive difficult at first. Here are some of the little things about driving that some learners always find challenging.

Looking In The Mirrors


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What do you do when you’re walking around, and you want to see what’s behind you? You turn your head. What should you never do when you’re driving? Turn your head, unless you’re checking the blind spot. If you’re checking the blind spot, it’s acceptable and any other time you should be using the mirror. It’s not always easy to shake the habit of turning around, though. The best way is to make sure it’s a process. You need to have a list of things that you need to do in order for each maneuver. This will help you until it all becomes second nature.

Finding The Clutch Biting Point


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If you’re driving a manual car, this is one of the biggest issues you’ll encounter driving. With an automatic, you dodge this bullet. Finding the biting point on a clutch does take some practice. It’s particularly challenging if you keep switching between different cars. A biting point on one clutch isn’t going to be the same as another. However, you can tell by the way the engine sounds and the move of the car. When you find the clutch, the car will jerk up slightly. Move down a little lower and you’ll find the perfect biting point. Usually, you’ll master this after your first couple of lessons. Don’t forget; you can check this site out, or a similar resource if you want to find more info about this type of issue.

Knowing And Left And Right


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It should be easy to know left from right. Unfortunately, when you have an instructor in your ear saying left, it’s easy to hear right. Particularly, when you’re concentrating on when to brake, indicate and start turning. All of these details start to get muddled, and before you know it, you’re trying to turn into a field. If you’re struggling with left and right, you can get little stickers for the steering wheel. You can think of these as stabilizers you can use until you’re confident enough to drive without them.

Driving At Night


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Finally, your first couple of times driving at night can be a real headache. Quite literally because you’ll struggle not to look at the beaming headlights coming towards you. You’ll need to train yourself to avoid the light while keeping your eyes on the road. When driving at night, it’s also particularly important that you are watching far enough ahead to notice any hazards.


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