Learning To Drive (Again): Getting Behind The Wheel After A Long Time


So many people talk about how difficult it was when they were learning to drive, and the relief after passing their test. They were now free! Just them and the open road, ready for a huge amount of challenges. That is the vast majority of people. Though, there are a small amount of people who lose their confidence, either after an accident or they have lost their nerve. While there are those that can’t imagine their life without a car, there are those that find driving a chore. These people are the ones who find it hardest to get back into the driver’s seat after a crisis of confidence. The following are a few pointers, from someone who had to relearn for necessary reasons, how to get back into it.

Buy An Easy To Drive Car

When the thought of driving a car again first became a reality, I stressed out. One of the main reasons was that I was just not that good driving a manual. So I opted for an automatic, and the stress of the actual mechanics of driving has been greatly reduced. In fact, it has been reduced so much that I will seriously consider purchasing a manual car next time! The insurance and the cost for an automatic are a little bit higher, and the acceleration on them is not always the best. But it depends what you want to use it for. If it is for necessity, it will do the trick.

Get An Idea Of How The Road Feels Again

Have some refresher driving lessons. That doesn’t sound good to you? Get a bike, and I don’t mean a hog, I mean a mountain bike you can pedal around! The more you get out onto the road the more you’ll get a feel for everything. Get onto Bike Master (solid reviews for bikes here) and just get pedalling if you don’t want to drive yet, but getting a feel for the road is half the battle.

Relearn The Basics

They have never left you, I guarantee that. But you will be feeling rusty, so it doesn’t hurt to have a look over the basics. Get an app that helps people learn or have a look online. Getting insured on a friend or family member’s car and just doing little laps around a car park late at night will help on relearning the basics of driving in a safe environment.

You Will Learn The Most By Doing It

You know this anyway. I’m just reiterating it. Grabbing the bull by the horns, especially after so long being away from the wheel is a terrifying thing. After purchasing my first car, only 10 months ago, at the age of 34, I learnt so much in that one drive home. It was because it was the first time I had ever driven a car without an instructor or examiner next to me. And you will learn more each time you go out. You will learn about how other people drive. You will learn to form healthy habits, and you will learn from others about unhealthy habits. The more you do it, the more you will build confidence. I am now at a point where I look back and think, “what was I actually worried about?” I hope you will feel that way too.