Knowing How To Communicate In Dangerous Road Situations


Dangerous road situations crop up all the time. There are many reasons as to why they do. Some might be your fault, some might be the fault of others on the road. It might be the fault of someone in your car, or a pedestrian walking where they shouldn’t. Either way, when a dangerous situation develops, resolving it and staying safe should be the first thing on your mind. Then and only then can blame be established. However, it’s essential to communicate well before you come to this conclusion. We hope to educate you on this topic.

Some of these tips are preventative, some are as a consequence of a dangerous situation playing out. Hopefully they should all help you in your driving efforts:

Set Ground Rules

Setting ground rules can be one of the most important things you do in your car. It’s not always apparent exactly how everyone might behave in the car, but if you make it known you can help people understand your boundaries. For example, you might ask for them to keep their phones as quiet as possible to not distract you – which can be very useful on the highway. It might be that you ask them all to certainly wear seat belts.

If driving someone very drunk, you might ask two passengers only lightly tipsy to sit in the back either side of them, and ensure they do not physically interfere with your driving. There are many ground rules you can set, so it’s important to know what matters to you and politely asking for that. You’re allowed to. You’re also allowed to refuse anyone a spot in your car, no matter how close they usually are with you. Your safety and the safety of other road users is all that matters.


It’s very important to know how to communicate with someone you have been in an accident with. This might mean taking steps to reduce your temper. If you can talk to the person in the other car, odds are you are both neither hurt or impaired enough to prevent communication. That’s a good thing. It can be very tempting to scream blame here, but you need to be matter of fact about the whole affair.

That’s why when using Rand Spear lawyers to help you, you’ll be able to show them the full amount of requested information you calmly convinced the other person to yield. Be direct, forthright and patient in your questioning. Treat it like a business deal. Emotions will be high, but you must not let them enter your dialogue. Calmly take photographs of the affair, document as well as you can, and enjoy for a much smoother court case, either prosecuting or defending. Judges also enjoy those who can act professionally, because they are there to get to the heart of the issue first and foremost. Showing a willingness to grapple with that situation shows character above all else, and you can bet that’s appreciated.

With these tips, you are sure to experience good communication in dangerous road situations.