Keeping Your Vehicle Battery Healthy

Have you ever headed out to your car, after a few cold weeks of not driving, only for it to not turn over? You sit for a moment and hope that the next time you try it, the battery starts up with no problems. 

It doesn’t. 

Something that all drivers should be consistent with is keeping the vehicle ticking over and taking it for a drive whenever possible. This will help to reduce the chances of the battery failing.

We know that batteries are self-discharge; this means that they decrease in power over time. Your vehicle’s alternator, while it can help keep your battery healthy when used regularly, can’t charge a dead battery. 

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What else can you do to keep your vehicle battery healthy?

Here is a great guide to getting your car winter-ready. 

Skip Short Drives

Short car journeys are awful on car batteries. They don’t typically provide enough time for the battery to charge efficiently. This means that short trips use more battery power. If you never really go for long car journeys, then investing in a charger is going to be to your benefit. 

Usage During Idling

If you find yourself waiting in the car often, try to avoid leaving the music on, the lights on, and anything else that will use the battery. When the vehicle isn’t in use, but you are using the functions, they are a drain in the battery with no return. 

Not all vehicles automatically shut off lights when you turn the engine off. If your car doesn’t have an indicator light or an alarm to let you know, you will need to be vigilant in turning the lights off. This has often been the cause of a drained battery.

Regular Testing

If you aren’t able to take the car out for regular drives, it is a good idea to test the battery. Regular testing will give you a visual indication if you need to replace the battery or take action and charge it. You can test your vehicle’s battery output with a car battery tester. 

Clean The Battery

Not many people know that you can keep your car battery clean. The engine bay is a dirty place, and there can be a build-up of dirt, grime, and other debris. This debris can form a layer where the battery can discharge. While this is a mild short circuit, it will enable the battery to flatten over time. 

A battery terminal will also corrode over time. You can clean the area of the terminals with a toothbrush. Use cold water and dry the area well using a clean cloth when you are finished. While you are cleaning the area, you can check that your car battery is tightly fastened too. Excessive vibration can damage the surrounding battery components. 

Here is a guide to help with loose battery cables.

These simple tips for keeping your vehicle battery healthy can help spare you the anguish of being ready to take a journey, only to be let down by your vehicle’s dead battery.