Keep Loving Your Car: Upkeep and Maintenance Made Simple

Your car requires regular care and attention in order to keep it functioning as it should be. Just like you take yourself to the doctor once every few months for a regular check-up, your car needs the same amount of thought. You can’t expect it to keep running without sufficient oil or the correct tyre pressure. No matter how reliable your car is anything disastrous could happen at any time, which could set you back a lot of money. Don’t be lured into a false sense of security and keep on top of the regular services you need. Try to forget the crazy amount of information that is thrown at you when you look inside your car manual and learn the basic maintenance tips to keep you topped up at all times.

Filter Functions

Overtime your engine can get clogged up with a large amount of dust and dirt, which could then lead to a clogged air filter. This means that your mileage could be affected and your engine could even start to stall whilst you’re driving. The answer is to keep on top of changing your filter and check with your local Auto Repair store if you need help assessing if you have a blockage. The frequency in which you need to change your filter will vary on the amount of miles you drive in a year and the general environmental conditions in which you drive. Use 10, 0000 miles as an approximation to check your filter so they don’t get congested.


Save The Brakes

Your brakes can seem like a complicated area of your car, but it really doesn’t need to be that difficult. You do need to get your brake pads changes every so often, but there isn’t a straightforward rule about how often you need to change them. The variables are due to the type of vehicle you drive, your driving style and the initial quality of the brake pads. You will usually get an indicator in your car which tells you when they need an upgrade. Alternatively, you should get them checked every time you get your car serviced.

Oil Overhaul

Keeping your car engine parts rotating and running smoothly is mostly down to the oil in your car. As time passes the oil becomes less and less effective as tiny parts of metal contaminate it, as well as heat breaking it down. When the oil becomes thinner and polluted it stops doing the job it is supposed to. You need to keep changing your oil every 10,000 miles or so, much like your air filter. You will hopefully become notified by certain signals in your car when your oil level is low. Keep a check on it all the time so you don’t get caught short and learn how to change the oil yourself just in case you need to do it quickly.

Don’t forget to keep the correct tread on your tyres as well as keeping tabs on the other mechanisms which keep your car running smoothly. Regular services and you keeping an eye on the changes to your vehicle will guarantee that it keeps running the way it should be.