Just A Few Reasons That Cars Are The Biggest Causes Of Accidental Death

In case you weren’t already aware, on average, 92 people die each and every day in the US alone as a result of auto accidents. It’s something that absolutely each and every driver has to know. The moment you stop paying attention to the danger that is inherent in driving, the more at risk you are. But you should know more than just the stats. You should also know some of the most common causes you should be avoiding.


Distracted driving

It might not be the most common cause of accidents, but it is easily the most common infraction you’ll see on the road. New drivers, in particular, are prone to distraction and taking their focus off the road. But that doesn’t mean it’s a problem solely for them. Even a few moments of taking your eyes off the road can take away the seconds of reaction time you might need to get out of danger.

Driving under the influence

Another distressingly concerning problem. It’s no longer enough to avoid driving under the influence yourself. You should make the effort to actively stop others from endangering themselves and innocent strangers. Your chances of being involved in an accident are too high to ignore. If a drunk driver hits your car, you should be prepared to hold them responsible. Particularly if you get injured, car accident lawyers can ensure that the responsibility isn’t on you.


Speeding is everyone’s problem. We can all imagine finding it understandable, even justifiable, to use a bit of speed now and then. However, when you speed in an area you’re not supposed to, you don’t know what’s coming around the corner. It could be someone driving too slow to be able to react to you on time. At the same time, accidents can also be caused by those driving too slow. You have to know your surroundings, go with the flow and be aware of your own speed at all times.


The car itself can be a host to all kinds of problems, as many drivers will already be well aware. Car malfunctions can put you in all kinds of danger. They can lead to you losing control of your car on the road or breaking down. On a dark night, either situation can be particularly dangerous. So you have to be proactive with your maintenance. Find your nearest, best mechanic who won’t miss a thing.

Road conditions

It doesn’t have to be the car that fails you, either. Poor road conditions can be just as bad. Poor visibility and ice on the road are two of the most serious concerns. So, to be a responsible driver, you have to make the adjustments to your car that will put the odds back in your favor. For a start, tire changes are almost mandatory to be able to handle roads in the winter.

While you’re still a position to, do something about the dangers of the road. Hold yourself and others up to a higher standard. The longer we neglect to do that, the more people will die needlessly.