Is There A Way To Minimize Your Chance Of Being Involved In A Road Accident?

Driving is super exciting when you first start out, but the facts and statistics surrounding road accidents can be quite shocking when you actually look at them. The fact is, you could be susceptible to getting into an accident whether it’s your fault or not. Is there a way to minimize your chance of being in a road accident? Sure there is! Although you shouldn’t let your fear of getting into an accident stop you from driving, you should bear the following points in mind.

Minimize your chances of being involved in an accident of any kind by reading on:

Cut Out Any Distractions

You may think that drinking and driving is the main cause of accidents on the road, but actually, distracted driving is just as bad. The world as it is is terribly distracting, with the radio, our mobile phones, passengers in the car, and so on and so forth. Keep your phone in the glovebox so you don’t get distracted by notifications or text messages. Even hands free devices can be distracting. If you’re traveling with your kids in the car, do your best to focus on the road and make sure you have a chat with them about not distracting you or wanting your attention while you’re driving. You can minimize this by giving them tablets and toys to use, but make sure they know that your attention needs to be on driving too. If your baby starts to cry, the best thing you can do is stay calm and pull over as soon as possible to see what’s wrong. Don’t try to comfort them while you’re in the front, as this is too distracting. On rare occasions, it may be possible for your toddler to climb out of their car seat or free themselves. In these situations, it’s best not to panic and continue driving steadily. If you panic, your toddler will panic and could make things worse. If you brake suddenly, they will fall. Being able to stay calm in stressful situations will help you to no end.


Don’t Follow Other Cars Too Closely

Nobody likes being followed too closely. It’s annoying, and some drivers may get a little cocky and decide to put their brakes on suddenly to make you do the same. If you’re not fast enough, it could then result in a collision that will be classed as your fault. However, a place like could help you to get the right result. Just beware that even if you know the other driver acted recklessly, tailgating will never work in your favor.

You should use the two second rule to make sure you leave enough space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front.

Always Stick To The Speed Limit

If you speed and you get into an accident, you can be held liable for whatever happens as a result. Speed limits are there because they were determined as safe speeds to drive at on the road you’re on. They may have even been put in place because something did occur there in the past. If the weather conditions are poor, then you may need to drive below the speed limit. Stopping distances increase in the rain and snow, so you’ll need to use your better judgement to figure out the right thing to do.

If the weather conditions are particularly extreme, keeping driving to a minimum is recommended.

Put Your Seatbelt On

It’s easy not to put your seatbelt on, sure, but it could save you from getting into a mess if you end up in an accident. When you wear your seat belt, you’ll slow down with your car in the event of an accident. Without it, your windshield will likely be the thing that slows you down. You’ll end up with more injuries, and a higher risk of death. Make it a habit of putting it on as soon as you get in the car. At the very least, you’ll avoid a fine.


Driving In Car Parks

Car parks are a common place to find yourself in an accident. As people are focused on finding a space, they may not be watching everything else going on. A child may have ran ahead of their mother, for example. If you have a backup camera, this will help you see the things you wouldn’t usually see and prevent getting into an accident. Some vehicles can have alerts when approaching something while reversing, so having one of these installed is a good idea too.

Making Sure You Drive The Right Car For You

Of course you need to be careful while you drive and take the correct precautions, but making sure you drive the right car for you is important too. It should suit your driving ability and needs perfectly. Make sure you read reviews before purchasing a car, and pay particular attention to their safety rating and crash test ability. If you have kids, make sure they scored well in that area too. It can be tempting to get a car just because it looks great, but you may regret it down the line if that’s all you think about.

Looking At Advanced Safety Systems

Since 2012, an advanced safety system has been standard on cars. Electronic stability control has been proven to lower the risk of single vehicle crashes by half, and risk of rolling your car by around 80%. Those statistics are incredible and show the real need for these systems in all vehicles. Front collision mitigation can actively help to avoid accidents, and at the very least, reduce how severe the accident is. There are all kinds of other technologies to think about too, such as blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts, lane departure warnings and more. Although these systems are becoming more popular in car models, they aren’t always included, so you’ll need to check when car shopping.

As you can see, there are many ways you can minimize your chances of being involved in a road accident. Careful driving is a must, but you can’t always be to blame for these accidents. In these cases, having a car that will alert you when things aren’t as they should be will help you huge amounts. Look up impartial reviews and compare safety test scores to be sure you have the right vehicle.