Is Buying A New Car Right For You?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’ll have read opinion pieces in the press and on the Internet telling the masses that buying a new car is no longer the sensible thing to do. Experts everywhere are declaring that PCP is the way to go or a leasing plan makes more financial sense. Some folk even advocate not owning a vehicle at all and signing up to a car sharing scheme. However, the new car buying market shows little sign of slowing down. Find out why buying a brand new shiny set of wheels might still be the right option for you.

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The intoxicating new car smell is not the sole reason that you want to buy a vehicle straight off the forecourt. Cars that have never been driven before with the newest engines and technology will always trump older cars in the reliability stakes. Manufacturers are so sure of their cars that they offer three-year warranties with every new car purchase. Some dealerships like Win Chevrolet offer a Powertrain warranty that covers you for a mammoth five years, so you feel safe in the knowledge that your new car isn’t going to cost you a fortune should any gremlin make its way into your automobile.

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Newer cars are safer. With a heavy focus on the NCAP Safety Ratings that cars achieve, manufacturers are factoring in safety features like never before. New cars will have side impact bars, rear cameras and airbags for the driver and all passengers fitted as standard. Some cars will even have electronic stability control that can sense when a car may be at risk of skidding and will apply the brakes automatically and in such a way that a crash is minimised. The intelligent use of technology is making newer cars the smarter and safer choice for families in particular.

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Money Saving

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning an older machine, you’ll know just how much fuel they can guzzle. The newest models are becoming increasingly more fuel efficient. In the USA car companies face heavy penalties should they produce vehicles that don’t adhere to government-controlled fuel efficiency criteria.

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Gadgets Galore

The newest cars are dominated by their clever use of technology. Gone are the days of sat navs strapped to a holster and suctioned onto your windscreen. Most new cars now come with an inbuilt infotainment system that utilises GPS, sat nav, DAB radio and wireless functionality. Displays aren’t littered with knobs and dials but exude sleek minimalistic design that is unfussy due to the use of one central display.

When considering your next vehicle, don’t discount the option of purchasing a new car. The initial outlay may be significantly larger than heading down to your local used car salesman or scouring the local classifieds for your next motor, but the advantages of a new set of wheels speak for themselves. And the new car smell isn’t too bad either…