Insuring a Classic Lorry




When looking for insurance for a classic lorry you have all the woes you have when looking for a typical insurance policy along with ones that are specific to a classic vehicle. One of the main considerations when choosing classic lorry insurance is obtaining a policy that is not only affordable, but which is also adequate for your needs.

Individual requirements for insurance needs a tailored policy

Life would be so much easier if there was just one policy to fit all. However, each classic lorry and its owners require different types of insurance. Classic lorries are used for many types of business, including delivering items, being part of a show and even used as an unusual vehicle for a funeral.

As businesses using classic lorries differ, so do insurance needs. For instance, if you own a classic lorry that is used for delivering goods your insurance needs may differ slightly from someone who owns a classic lorry that is only used for shows.

In the latter case you may not typically require goods in transit insurance, while the former would. This is just one reason why choosing tailored classic lorry insurance provides the most appropriate solution.

Obtaining insurance for your classic lorry

Not all insurance providers offer cover for classic vehicles. This is why it may pay to look for your insurance with a specialist provider offering insurance specifically for classics. Benefits to going with a specialist insurance provider include:

  • the provider takes into account the age of the lorry and the fact that it is a classic. Not all insurance providers will offer cover due to the fact that classic vehicles are generally more expensive if it comes to repairing them;
  • they will determine that a lorry is a classic if that vehicle is typically over 15 to 18 years of age and no longer in production;
  • they will be able to offer you a policy that is tailored to your specific needs;
  • premiums will generally be competitive, while ensuring you get a comprehensive policy specifically for your needs.

Factors to be aware of when looking for insurance for your classic lorry

As mentioned above not all insurance policies for classic vehicles are the same when it comes to offering protection. So here are some things that you may wish to be aware of when looking for protection.

  • a provider who is able to offer a policy to cover multiple classic lorries, if you have a fleet of them. A fleet insurance policy may work out cheaper than covering all lorries under a separate policy;
  • a provider who offers cover based on the specific type of vehicle and the value of that vehicle. This will ensure that you are not left out of pocket in the event of loss by damage or theft;
  • the insurance provider may offer a limited annual mileage insurance policy. This may prove to be a money saving factor if you don’t use your classic lorry every day;
  • the insurer may offer provisions for if your classic lorry is undergoing restoration work.

Standard levels of insurance

Along with specific insurance needs because your classic lorry is a classic, there are also standard levels of insurance that you need.

As your lorry is a classic it is doubtful that third party or third party fire and theft insurance is adequate. Comprehensive insurance is typically needed. This provides protection for driving legally on the roads along with offering liability insurance in the event you damage a third parties property or vehicle. Other insurance aspects you may wish to include may be for legal fees, goods in transit and breakdown insurance.

Classic lorry insurance is a specialist type of insurance and therefore looking for a policy with a standalone provider who focuses on insurance for classic lorries may lead to you obtaining tailored cover for a competitive price.