How to Take Care of Your Car in the Heat

As drivers, we know that taking care of our cars in the Winter is essential. However, we don’t seem to pay as much attention during the warmer months. Maybe it’s because our cars needs aren’t so obvious. There isn’t ice all over the windscreen or salt trapped in the tyres. But, during Summer, our cars need just as much care as they do any other time of year. So, what do you need to look out for in this warmer weather?

Coolant Systems

Sitting in a boiling hot car with no way of cooling down isn’t just a terrible feeling, it’s downright dangerous. The same goes for our cars. Just as we need to find ways of staying cool in the Summer, so do our cars. You can maintain your coolant system by checking the coolant fluid levels every so often and giving the leads a quick squeeze to find out if they’re still firm. If they’ve become a little slack or have gone soft, they may need replacing. It’s also wise to continually check for leakages.



You may use your wipers less throughout the Summer, but they’re just as important as they are during the Winter. You may have the odd day of rain, but your wipers are often most used just to clean the screen when it gets a little dirty. If you haven’t maintained your wipers or changed them when they’ve become worn, your screen is going to get smudged. This can be dangerous in the Summer because the sun and smudges combined can damage your vision, so much so that it causes an accident or you need to pull over.


Essential Fluids

Just because it’s Summer, doesn’t mean your car stops needing oil. Monitoring your cars fluids should be something you do all year round. Always check your oil levels and the state of the oil your car is using. Make sure you have plenty of washer fluid for your windscreen and check your brake and power steering fluid. If you’re unsure about how to do this, you can get advice from Auto Works of Tampa. Checking your brake fluid is especially important. During the Summer it’s easy for your brakes to warm up and use more moisture than normal. If you start hearing your brakes begin to squeal, it’s time to get them checked out.

Air Conditioning

These days, we’re lucky enough to have air conditioning systems in our cars. It means we can drive around with the windows rolled up and still stay cool on a long journey. However, it’s surprising how many air conditioning systems fail us when we need them the most. You should get this looked at immediately. Not just because you need to stay cool, but because it could mean you have a leak and it’s not healthy to sit in the car if you do. It could just mean your system needs a gas refill, which is easily fixed. Either way, don’t ignore it and settle for rolling down windows instead.