How to Improve Your Car’s Performance

A car is much more than a simple transportation device. It is a machine that you can use to show off a bit of your personality. It is a space to enjoy, a home away from home. Umnfortinely we are living at a time when things are getting more and more expensive. For car owners, the cost of petrol and diesel is rising as well as the cost of electricity for all those electric vehicles out there. So, that means the onus is on us to try and improve the performance of our car to help keep the cost down. To help you out, here are a few ideas to get you thinking:


The Way You Drive

The way you drive has a huge influence on your car’s performance. If you have an aggressive style, which means harsh accelerating and braking, fighting the car around corners, fighting the gearstick, riding the clutch, etc., then you will be using a lot more fuel, and you will be wearing at the parts a lot quicker. You are very likely to need new tires sooner for a start. If you really want to enhance the performance of your car, then take a look at yourself. Are you a calm, collected driver who is well aware of all the hazards before they occur? If the answer is not, then maybe it is time to slow down and start being a bit more conscientious. 

The Cars Weight

The heavier the car, the worse it will perform. Heavier cars use more fuel to get from a to be, so if you are looking for a quick way to reduce your fuel costs, then make your car lighter. Stry by decluttering your car, consider giving it a deep clean too, and use a car wash. The cleaner your car, the less likely it is you will want to fill it with rubbish, so become a but proud of how the car looks. Consider removing the spare wheel and jack, if you can also think about removing the backseats or even the passenger seat if you are the only person to use your car. There is no real point in carrying around excess weight if you don’t have to. 

The Tires

When was the last time you checked your tire pressure? If your tires are underinflated, this will hamper the performance of the car. You will be using more fuel as the tires are spreading out over the road more and not moving the car as effectively. If your tires are all inflated to different PSI’s (pounds per square inch), then this will be taking its toll on the suspension and other aspects of the car. This means you may need new parts more quickly, and the tires will be wearing out at strange angles. Look in your car’s manual and discover what PSI the tires need to be inflated to and fill them up. Do not overfill them as overinflated tires can be dangerous as they increase the braking distance, skid more, and bulge causing blowouts more easily.