How To Get Your Range Rover Ready For Its First Road Trip

The popularity of road trips surged amid the pandemic, and there is no looking back. Traveling in your vehicle is safe because you can skip the crowds at the airport and flight. Not to mention, it is convenient as you can hit the road on the fly without worrying about bookings. The option is easy on the pocket as well. If you haven’t tasted the thrill of the journey yet, now is the best time to plan your first one. A vehicle like Range Rover is ideal for long routes as it is spacious, sturdy, and power-packed. But you need to prep it up for the journey, and it may be tricky for a first-timer. Here are some tips to get set for your first road trip.

Check your service schedule

Checking your service schedule gives you the best start. It makes sense to get the scheduled vehicle maintenance before you go, not when you get back. You may not experience a breakdown by driving a few hundred miles without an oil change, but it makes a difference. Proper service for your Range Rover can increase your gas mileage and engine efficiency. Missing out on oil change can wear down the parts on long routes.

Get a road trip checkup

Even if your maintenance schedule is in place, it is a good idea to get a road trip checkup for your Rover. Having a professional mechanic inspect the vehicle gives you peace of mind about everything being in place. The expert will go through details such as checking fluid levels, examining brake pads, inspecting belts and hoses and assessing the overall wellness of the vehicle. They may recommend preventive maintenance if something appears amiss.

Customize the vehicle

The feel of your vehicle matters a lot when you are on the road for the long haul. You can consider customizing it for a better driving experience. Start with your range rover steering wheel as it decides your comfort behind the wheel. You can personalize its shape, material, and function according to your preference. Custom interiors make a good addition as they influence your comfort on the road.

Double-check your tires

Tire checks are essential, whether it is your first road trip or not. Ensure that your tires are well inflated and have plenty of treads. Driving with underinflated tires gives you a miss with fuel efficiency. Overinflated tires are a road hazard as they can lead to a blowout. Your tires will heat up on driving hundreds of miles, so staying on the lower side of the inflation range is the best option.

Clean it thoroughly

A thorough cleaning job for your Range Rover is as important as maintenance checks. After all, you will expect it to give comfort and convenience when you are on the road for long hours. Clear out trash from interiors and deep clean the seats, mats, floor, cup holders, and dashboard. A trunk cleanup creates space for your luggage. Washing the exterior makes the vehicle flaunt-worthy. Consider a wax job to protect the paint from dirt, heat, and bugs.

Your first road trip with your Range Rover should be the best. Doing your bit for the vehicle goes a long way in making it memorable. You can do the rest with good planning and company for the journey.