How to Get the Most from your Car Insurance


Insurance can be costly but it is, unfortunately, something no driver can do without. Whether you’re looking into getting out new insurance or trying to get the best premium, there are some simple tips to follow. Shop around and don’t leave it to the last minute and research companies for the best deal you can find. If you have an accident or your car breaks down you will have saved up the means to pay for it. In fact, there are chances when insurance companies would want to deny your claim. This is especially true in wrongful death cases. In such cases, it would be best to seek assistance from attorneys who are well-versed in related laws to receive maximum compensation for the damages. You can read more by clicking here and see how such professionals can help you streamline the entire process. It’s advisable to try to avoid accidents at all costs, but there are ways, however, that you can get a lower premium on your car insurance by following some basic advice.


It’s better to do your research first when getting out car insurance. Shop around and use price comparison sites to find the best deals online. It’s often cheaper to go for a shorter-term deal. Don’t go for “auto-renew ” as this means that your premium will be renewed automatically with no room to negotiate. You will save more money by going with a company that is willing to make you a better offer at the beginning. Car insurance companies don’t tend to reward loyalty for some reason and it’s better to think about changing. 

Tips when getting out insurance

You will need to tell your insurance broker everything that has happened to car your in the past, and your driving history. Don’t leave any information out. If a policy gets canceled because you’ve lied about never making a claim, this could leave you permanently blacklisted and it will cost a lot for you to get insurance in the future. Whereas it is imperative that you don’t lie about any personal information you can reword your job title to make it sound better without bending the truth. A “music teacher” will sound better than “teacher” on it’s own for example, or “illustrator” instead of “artist” so you should tweak your this a little. If you are lucky enough to have never made a claim on your insurance you can use this to your advantage. Your no claims bonus will greatly reduce your premium.  

Add responsible drivers

It can be more difficult if you’re in a high-risk category, so below the age of twenty-five or above the age of seventy, to get a good deal on insurance. This may seem unfair but drivers of these ages are considered more risky, either because of inexperience or health reasons. Men also have to pay higher rates than women. Adding a responsible driver to your insurance, this means someone with few or zero claims and a good few years of driving experience, will improve your rates. Do not in any circumstances lie and say they are the main driver as this counts as a type of fraud known as “fronting” and will get you into trouble. 

Go used

There are many benefits to buying a used car and one of them is cheaper car insurance. The reason for this is the dramatic depreciation that new cars go through compared to second-hand vehicles. New cars basically decrease in value as soon as you drive them out of the carlot. They literally lose 11% of their value straight away and then more in the next few years. Used cars have already gone through this depreciation and are not brand new anymore, so you won’t have the same problem. You won’t need to pay the depreciation “gap” which is the difference between the original value of the car and what it costs now for example. There are economical and ecological benefits to driving a used car. The emissions given off by car manufacturing are hugely damaging to the planet. It’s more trendy nowadays to go second hand. 

Selling your old car

It’s better to keep following the recycling trend and sell your old car. A used car dealership will buy your old car on a Junk Car Cash Out basis. This is a much quicker service than going through a part-exchange or a private sale and will save you time and money. This means that you can use the cash straight away to pay for your new car insurance. 

Drive safely

If you have had accidents in the past it might be time for you to think about how you can be a safer driver. Always respect the speed limit, not only when you see a camera, and follow the traffic laws at all costs. If you have a collision with another car because you’ve run a red light then you’ll be the one paying out and paying more for your insurance in the future. Follow these ten simple tips on how to become a better driver and reduce accidents. 

Regular car maintenance will also protect you from paying out at a later date for repairs. Keep on top of checks and make sure everything is in order as your vehicle will need to be inspected before you set up your insurance premium. Be sure to make these particular checks before driving long distances for example before and after road trips, as these will take their toll on your vehicle.  

What to do if you do have an accident

The best way to get the most out of your car insurance is to never have an accident, thus leaving your no claims bonus intact. However, if the unfortunate occurs and you do need to make a claim on your insurance there is a checklist to follow what you should do immediately after an accident. Make sure you are as informed as you can be, about the accident, the other driver and both of your insurance information. Get all the details of the other driver and their car. Take plenty of photos and notes at the scene. If there are any witnesses, take their information as well. The more information you have, the better, as you will be more equipped to prove the cause of the accident and to claim as much as you need from your insurance.