How To Avoid Coming Off Two Wheels

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The great thing about a car, truck, jeep or lorry is that you are surrounded by metal and lots of it. That just isn’t the cash with a motorcycle. And that’s not all because the heavy-metal examples we used above have another common denominator that works in their favor; four wheels. As such, the chances of sustaining an injury on a motorcycle is much – much – higher, as are the chances of it being severe.


Unfortunately, in most cases, it is other motorists that are to blame. They just don’t know how to look out for motorcyclists.


Don’t worry, though, because there are plenty of things you can do to better protect yourself from being subjected to a serious injury, and most of it is in the preparation.



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Become A Better Rider

Like everything in life, the more you do it the better you become, and the more qualifications you get the quicker you’ll reach perfection. As such, it is well worth dropping onto as many riding courses as possible. You may be the most experienced rider in the Northern Hemisphere, it doesn’t matter; taking a quick refresher course is not going to hurt. Not doing one, however, could. Of course, more details can be found here but, in short, laws change, as do the safety practices we get taught, so it well worth seeing what the latest safety techniques are.


Protect Your Body Properly

What you wear could well be the thing that saves your life. Even if your life in the driest place on earth, with greatest roads known to man, accidents happen. As such, there is absolutely no reason to forego the correct protective clothing and helmet. The more you wear and the better quality it is, the fewer injuries you will sustain should you wobble and come off, or should someone force you to crash. This is your life, and the exoskeleton you put around it the better.


Regular Maintenance Checks

While the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by other motorists, more than enough take place because of a mechanical fault with the bike, or some other issue. That is why it is so important to maintain regular checks of your bike. Things like headlights, brakes, and tires should always be examined before taking your bike out for a spin. If you do detect an issue, then make sure it is properly dealt with before you go anywhere on it.


The More Visible The Better

Cars, trucks, jeeps and lorries are all big and, for most, they are the sort of profiles that motorists are in tune with looking out for. That is why you should try and be as visible as possible. It doesn’t matter whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night, the more effort you make, the more you’ll be seen and the safer you’ll be. That means wearing high-vis clothing, bright colors, riding with your headlight on, and use your signals with plenty of warning. Be bold, be safe.