How The Fall Weather Can Damage Your Car & Ways To Protect It

Getting into a new car, or even a newly detailed car can put a proverbial bounce in anyone’s step. Unfortunately, the laws of the universe dictate that new items, if not properly cared for, will not stay “new” for long. A car is no exception, and since your car is likely more exposed to the elements than some of your other items, it likely needs extra protection from the weather. Here are just some of the ways that fall weather can take a toll on your car, and ways that you can protect your vehicle:

Late Summers: Many southern states, including California, receive plenty of sun and heat even in the fall. The UV rays can damage the paint of a car and fade the interior. Because many animals from the north migrate south for the winter, drivers in constantly warm climates may see an increase of animal dander and feces on and around their vehicle, which can mix with dust and corrode even the best paint. Fortunately, a California duster can keep your car safe even if you must park under a tree.

Rain and Cold: If you live in a place that experiences all four seasons, rain and cold can wear and crack your car’s paint. Once your paint is scratched or cracked, even a bit of water can lead to major corrosion.

Getting the Best Car Covers: Depending on your living situation, you may need and indoor car cover. The best outdoor car covers will protect against the weather in your given area, while the best indoor car covers will protect your car against any weather issues in your garage.

Protecting your car will keep it looking new and finding the right cover is certainly a better investment than multiple paint jobs.